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Microsoft Teams On-Demand: Power Users Bundle (Teams Introduction and Teams for Power Users)


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Microsoft Teams On-Demand: Power Users Bundle (Teams Introduction and Teams for Power Users) Course Outline

*** Note: This is a Microsoft Teams On-Demand (self -study) course, 6-month 24/7 access via the internet ***
(Applicable State and Local taxes may be added for On-Demand purchases, depending on your location.)
You may take this course at any time, there are no set dates. This On-Demand (self-study) training bundle includes expert lectures, demonstrations and lab exercises that cover the same content that is included in our instructor-led (ILT) class. Note: The 6-month course access period begins at time of purchase.

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. The Introduction course will provide an overview of how to use features within Teams such as chat, online meetings, calls and more. Learn the core features of Teams and how it relates to other Office 365 apps to make your team more productive.
The Power User course provides a more in-depth review of Teams for individuals who are a lead Teams user or who work in a support role for the department or organization. Learn about Teams setting, options for Posts and Files, customizing the Team Environment, managing meetings and appointments, working with members outside of your organization as well as working with SharePoint and OneDrive.

Audience Profile
The course is for team members and administrators who plan on using Microsoft Teams. The course bundle provides a thorough understanding of how to use Teams. It is intended for the user that wants to understand all the functionality in Teams, as well as for the user that may support an organization that is migrating to Teams.

Basic Windows and Microsoft Office skills are required. No prior Teams experience is necessary.

Do You Still Prefer a Live, Instructor-led Class?
Already know On-Demand, Self-Study training is not right for you? We also offer the same course content in a live, instructor-led format. For more details, click on the links below:
Microsoft Teams Introduction with OneDrive and Microsoft Teams for Power Users

You have 24/7 access for 180-days to this digital course that includes 10h 24m of video presentation. As a traditional course it would be a 2-day class.

Course Outline - Teams Introduction with OneDrive

Module 1 - Microsoft Teams Explained
Best practices of using Teams
Accessing Teams – web, desktop, or mobile

Module 2 - Navigate the Interface
Navigation bar
Desktop settings
Customize notifications
Adjusting the navigation pane by showing or hiding teams and channels
Pin important channels for quick access

Module 3 - Create and Manage your Teams
Create a team
Managing team membership and settings
Managing channels

Module 4 - Manage Collaborative Conversations with the Entire Team
Different options to communicate with members
Ways to save, like, or edit your own messages
Use mentions in conversations to grab someone’s attention

Module 5 - Work with Documents in Teams
Upload an existing document
Create a new document
Upload a file into a conversation
Live co-author a document in Teams, online, or in the desktop
Use conversations to communicate about documents
Share a file with someone not on the team

Module 6 - Customize your Team Environment
Make an important document a tab
Add a planner tab
Add a team notebook tab

Module 7 - Manage Meetings in Teams
Start an on-demand channel meeting via conversations
Schedule a meeting in Teams
Schedule a meeting using Outlook

Module 8 - Communicate Outside of your Team
One on one private conversations
Share a document with the participants
Customize the work area with tabs
Add someone to the conversation
Escalate the conversation to an audio call

Module 9 - Other Key Features in Teams
Understand your activity feed
Use search in Teams
Use the / and @ commands

Module 10 – Work with OneDrive for Business
Navigate the OneDrive interface
Store personal documents with access anytime, anywhere, any device
See documents shared with you
Recover deleted documents
See your Team documents

Work with your documents
Upload an existing document
Create a new document
Sync your documents for access without an internet connection
Live co-author a document online, or in the desktop

Manage who can work with your documents
Review documents you have shared
Stop sharing your documents
Changing permissions
Share a file with colleagues

Course Outline - Teams Power Users

Module 1 -Work and Collaborate Better with Teams
Best practices of using Teams
Ways to access teams

Module 2 - Navigate the Interface
Navigation Bar
Navigation Pane

Module 3 – Create and Manage a Team
Create or join a team
Managing Teams, and Members
Modifying the team’s settings
Edit the team
Change privacy level of the team
Delete the team
Archive Teams

Module 4 - Work with Channels
Add Channels
Channel notifications
Pin a channel
Hide a channel
Delete the channel

Module 5 - Posts Tab in a Team
Different options to communicate with members
React to a message
Save a message
Edit or delete your own messages
Turn off notifications for a conversation
Notifications in the conversation
Set a message as Important

Module 6 - Files Tab in a Team
Working with Files
Create new files and folders
Uploading files
Accessing other cloud storage
Opening document library in SharePoint
Editing and Collaborating on Files
Live co-authoring of Team documents
Using conversations in the editing
Using comments
Editing Online, In the desktop, or in Teams
Sharing Files with someone not on the team
Version history of the document

Module 7 – Customize your Team Environment
Make main documents a tab
Team Notebook
Power Automate
Other connectors

Module 8 – Calendar, Manage Meetings and Appointments
Calendar views and navigation
Managing meetings in Teams
Scheduling Meetings and Inviting Colleagues inside Teams
Starting an On-Demand Meeting via Conversations
Meeting controls
Record a meeting
Show device settings
Share your desktop

Module 9 – Chat, Communicating Outside of your Team
Manage your recent conversations
Favorite Contacts
Create a new contact group
Start a new chat
Working with Messages
Send a message as urgent
Attach file into a conversation to collaborate
Schedule a meeting with everyone in the chat
Collaborate on documents
See the organization around a colleague
Se activities you have in common with a colleague
Customize chat environment
Adding someone to the conversation
Escalate a chat to a meeting

Module 10 – Other Navigation Bar Tabs
Activity Feed
View your colleague’s activities across your teams
View only your own activity
Use the filter to filter by keyword, or other types of activities
Search or type a command bar
Three dots menu - Other Apps

Module 11 – SharePoint and OneDrive
SharePoint Team Sites
Document Libraries
Site End Users vs Backend teams

OneDrive for Business
Your personal private documents
Documents shared with you
Review documents you have shared
Manage sharing and permissions of your documents
Changing permissions
Stop sharing your documents
Review sharing options
Collaborate on your documents online or the desktop

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