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SCRUM On-Demand: Complete Series (Scrum - Immersion, Master, Developer and Product Owner)


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SCRUM On-Demand: Complete Series (Scrum - Immersion, Master, Developer and Product Owner) Course Outline

**Note: This is an On-Demand Self-Study Course, 3 days of content, 6-months unlimited access, $595**
(Applicable State and Local taxes may be added for On-Demand purchases, depending on your location.)
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to utilize Scrum. You may take this course at any time; there are no set dates. This series includes four courses: Scrum Immersion, Scrum Master Training, Scrum Developer Training, and Scrum Product Owner Training. Note: The 6-month course access period begins at time of purchase.

About This Course
This Online On-Demand (self-study) training course includes expert lectures, PowerPoint visuals, demonstrations, and printed courseware. You may access the course from any device, provided you have internet access, and will be able to follow along and successfully complete the course by completing the quizzes and exams.

Scrum Immersion provides an overview of Scrum, followed by Scrum basics, key Scrum artifacts, user stories and how to implement Scrum in an organization.

Scrum Master teaches students about Scrum aspects, meetings in Scrum and facilitating projects in Scrum.

Scrum Developer teaches students about initiating, planning and estimating, implementing a project, Sprint review and retrospect, and release.

Scrum Product Owner teaches about roles and responsibilities, planning, managing quality, change, risk, and sprints.

This series includes 13h 54m of presentation

Course Outline

SCRUM Immersion
Scrum Basics
Key Scrum Artifacts
User Stories
Implementing Scrum

SCRUM Master Training
Introduction to Scrum
Scrum Aspects
Meetings in Scrum
Facilitating Projects in Scrum

SCRUM Developer Training
Introduction to Scrum
Initiating a Project
Planning and Estimating a Project
Implementing a Project
Sprint Review and Retrospect

SCRUM Product Owner Training
Introduction to Scrum
Roles and Responsibilities
Quality Change and Risk

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