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Google On-Demand: Sheets Data Analysis and Visualization


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Google On-Demand: Sheets Data Analysis and Visualization Course Outline

** This is an ONLC On-Demand (self -study) course, 180-day, 24/7 access via the internet **
(Applicable State and Local taxes may be added for On-Demand purchases, depending on your location.)
You may take this course at any time, there are no set dates. This On-Demand (self-study) training course includes expert lectures and demonstrations that cover the same content that is included in our instructor-led (ILT) class.
Note: The 180-day course access period begins at time of purchase.

This one-day Google Sheets Data Analysis class will show you some of the amazing things that Google Sheets can do. While Google Sheets is easy to use at an introductory level, it also has significant power to do more complex things. Covered in this class are advanced features and functions for conditional processing (IF statements and conditional functions), dealing with text, database lookups, working with date fields, queries and much more! You will be amazed by all of the advanced features that you never knew were available in Google Sheets.

Who Should Attend
The class is for Google Sheets Power Users.

Before taking this class, we recommend that you have experience creating worksheets in Google Sheets or have taken ONLC’s Introduction to Google Sheets class.

Do You Still Prefer a Live, Instructor-led Class?
Already know On-Demand, Self-Study training is not right for you? We also offer this same course content in a live, instructor-led format. For more details, click on the link below:
Google Sheets Data Analysis and Visualization Instructor-led course

You have 24/7 access for 180-days to this digital course that includes 4h 32m of video presentation. As a traditional course it would be a 1-day class.

Course Outline

Working with Data
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Using Filter Views
Grouping Data
Inserting Links
Working with Links
Working with Data Validation

Importing and Manipulating Data
Uploading a Microsoft Excel Workbook into Google Sheets
Importing a Table or List on a Web Page into Google Sheets
Importing Data
Removing Duplicates
Trimming Whitespace
Using Cleanup Suggestions
Using Column Stats
Splitting Text into Columns
Randomizing a Range of Data

Creating and Working with Pivot Tables
Understanding Pivot Tables
Creating a Suggested Pivot Table
Creating a New Pivot Table
Creating a Pivot Table using Explore
Using VLOOKUP to Add a Column to a List
Using the Pivot Table Editor
Viewing Cell Details
Creating a Calculated Field
Using Slicers
Creating a Chart from a Pivot Table

Working with Formatting
Working with Custom Formats
Using Conditional Formatting
Creating a Custom Formula with Conditional Formatting
Using Alternating Colors
Changing the Theme
Working with Explore

Sharing Spreadsheets
Sharing a Spreadsheet
Sharing a Link to a Spreadsheet
Publishing to the Web
Protecting Sheets and Ranges
Working with Comments
Downloading Spreadsheets in Other Formats
Emailing a File

Using Google Sheets Data in Other Google Apps
Pasting a Sheets Range into Docs or Slides
Pasting a Sheets Chart into Docs or Slides
Inserting a Sheets Chart into Docs or Slides
Working with Linked Objects
Creating and Modifying a Chart in Docs or Slides
Pasting a Docs or Slides Table into Google Sheets
Creating a Form in Sheets
Working with Form Data

Working with Special Chart Types
Becoming Familiar with Special Chart Types
Creating a Geo Chart
Creating a Waterfall Chart
Creating a Histogram Chart
Creating a Radar Chart
Creating a Gauge Chart
Creating a Scorecard Chart
Creating a Candlestick Chart
Creating an Organizational Chart
Creating a Tree Map Chart
Creating a Timeline Chart
Creating a Table Chart
Creating a Combo Chart
Creating a Sparkline

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