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Autodesk On-Demand: AutoCAD Advanced (Level 3) Course Outline

 (5 days)

*** Note: This is an On-Demand Self Study Class, covering 3 days of content, $595 ***
You can take this class at any time; there are no set dates. It covers the same content as the 3-day, AutoCAD Level 3: Advanced class. The cost for this Autodesk On-Demand: AutoCAD Advanced (Level 3) class is $595. Customers must call us directly to purchase this class at 800-288-8221.

Autodesk On-Demand Learner Profiles
Autodesk On-Demand is a self-study training solution that was designed for two types of learners. First, Autodesk On-Demand is a great fit for experienced professionals have some experience with AutoCAD and don't need a traditional classes to upgrade their existing skills. They can pick and choose topics to make the most effective use of their time. Second, Autodesk On-Demand is perfect for highly-motivated individuals who are new to AutoCAD and need to space their learning over a period of weeks or months. These learners can take their time and repeat sections as needed until they master the new concepts.

About Autodesk On-Demand
There are approximately 24 hours of video plus an ebook with over 500 pages of content. These video lessons provide instructorsí descriptions and demonstrations of key features and concepts. Step-by-step procedures establish workflows for end-users. Hands-on practice exercises, including provided datasets, take end-users through typical scenarios they will encounter using the software. And command summaries are a quick-reference when using the software. Finally, graded review questions validate understanding and track progress and proficiency improvements.

Note: All Autodesk On-Demand classes are in "mixed units" by default. Metric unit curriculum are available upon request.

*** What You Need to Take this Training ***
You will need the AutoCAD software for either Windows or mac OS as well as the computer to run the software and a high-speed internet connection.

ONLC Extras
ONLC Training Centers bundles in valuable extras with our Autodesk On-Demand Courses. These extras are not available from other training companies.

Certification Bundle Upgrade Option. Our Autodesk On-Demand classes come with the option of bundling in exam prep software and an exam voucher (with 1 free retake). Students must schedule when and where they will take the exam through Certiport, the Autodesk testing service. For more information see: AutoCAD Certification Bundles

Autodesk Official Training Guide. Get the Autodesk Official Training Guide in both hard copy text and the web edition. The web edition contains online lessons with downloadable files for the projects. Also there are interactive quizes, and videos. The web edition text is part of subscription and goes away after one year but the hard copy text is yours to keep.

ILT Participant Option. You've purchased Autodesk On-Demand, have gone through the training and decided that you still want to see a live class. Just pay difference between Autodesk On-Demand course and and the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) class and you can have a seat in our live class. Get both self-study and live, instructor-led training for the retail price of the instructor-led class alone!

Do You Still Prefer a Live, Instructor-led Class?
Already know Autodesk On-Demand training is not right for you? We also offer this same course content in a live, instructor-led format. For more details, click on the links below:
AutoCAD Level 3: Advanced Course Outline


This Autodesk On-Demand class will cover have the same topics elearning topics that are covered in the Autodesk Level 1 (Essentials) and Level 2 (Intermediate) classes through the elearning web edition of the text. This class also includes downloadable exercises which are designed to reinforce new skills and prepare the user for the AutoCAD Certified User (ACU) certification exam. It is not required that the student take the exams.

A working knowledge of basic design or drafting procedures and terminology. A working knowledge of your operating system.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Advanced Text Objects
2.1 Annotation Scale Overview
2.2 Using Fields
2.3 Controlling the Draw Order

Chapter 3: Working with Tables
3.1 Working with Linked Tables
3.2 Creating Table Styles

Chapter 4: Projects - Advanced Annotation

Chapter 5: Dynamic Blocks
5.1 Working with Dynamic Blocks
5.2 Creating Dynamic Block Definitions
5.3 Dynamic Block Authoring Tools
5.4 Additional Visibility Options

Chapter 6: Attributes
6.1 Inserting Blocks with Attributes
6.2 Editing Attribute Values
6.3 Defining Attributes
6.4 Redefining Blocks with Attributes
6.5 Extracting Attributes

Chapter 7: Projects - Advanced Blocks and Attributes

Chapter 8: Output and Publishing
8.1 Output For Electronic Review
8.2 Autodesk Design Review
8.3 Publishing Drawing Sets

Chapter 9: Other Tools for
9.1 eTransmit
9.2 Hyperlinks

Chapter 10: Cloud Collaboration and 2D Automation
10.1 Connecting to the Cloud
10.2 Sharing Drawings in the Cloud
10.3 Rendering in the Cloud
10.4 Attach Navisworks Files

Chapter 11: Introduction to Sheet Sets
11.1 Overview of Sheet Sets
11.2 Creating Sheet Sets
11.3 Creating Sheets in Sheet Sets
11.4 Adding Views to Sheets
11.5 Importing Layouts to Sheet Sets

Chapter 12: Publishing and Customizing Sheet Sets
12.1 Transmitting and Archiving Sheet Sets
12.2 Publishing Sheet Sets
12.3 Customizing Sheet Sets
12.4 Custom Blocks for Sheet Sets

Chapter 13: Projects - Sheet Sets

Chapter 14: Managing Layers
14.1 Working in the Layer Properties Manager
14.2 Creating Layer Filters
14.3 Setting Layer States

Chapter 15: CAD Standards
15.1 CAD Standards Concepts
15.2 Configuring Standards
15.3 Checking Standards
15.4 Layer Translator

Chapter 16: System Setup 16-1
16.1 Options Dialog Box
16.2 System Variables
16.3 Dynamic Input Settings
16.4 Drawing Utilities
16.5 Managing Plotters
16.6 Plot Styles

Chapter 17: Introduction to Customization
17.1 Why Customize?
17.2 Creating a Custom Workspace

Chapter 18: Customizing the User Interface
18.1 Using the Customize User Interface (CUI) Dialog Box
18.2 Customizing the Ribbon
18.3 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
18.4 Customizing Menus
18.5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 19: Macros and Custom Routines
19.1 Custom Commands and Macros
19.2 Running Scripts
19.3 Action Recorder
19.4 Editing Action Macros
19.5 Loading Custom Routines

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