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System Operations on AWS: Level 2

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System Operations on AWS: Level 2 Course Outline

Course Overview
Learning AWS OpsWorks will get you involved in a DevOps role, where you will learn key concepts and information about building scalable infrastructures to support high traffic applications. You will also learn about other important facets such as security,
monitoring, and command-line reporting.

This course is a guide to Amazonís DevOps cloud management service and will provide you with the foundation of knowledge and the skills required for building and scaling multistage environments and applications in the AWS cloud. You will become acquainted
with the DevOps role and how it relates to OpsWorks. Technologies such as EC2, ELB, EBS, CloudWatch, IAM, Route 53, Git, and GitHub will be discussed in relation to the core concepts of OpsWorks, which include stack and layer development, instances, apps,
monitoring, and access control.

This class is for individuals interested in Systems Operations in the AWS environment. Specifically this class is for individuals interested in tasks such as Master account creation for Amazon Web Services; load balancing for redundancy and layer
development to automate the configuration and deployment of instances; configuring and deploying stacks including layers and instances; and configuring OpsWorks to deploy the apps.

The System Operations on AWS: Level 1 class or equivalent experience.

What you will learn:
● Find out what it means to practice DevOps and what its principles are
● Build repeatable infrastructures in AWS using templates and configuration management
● Deploy multiple times a day by implementing continuous integration and continuous
deployment pipelines
● Use the latest technologies, including containers and serverless computing, to scale your
● Collect metrics and logs and implement an alerting strategy
● Make your system robust and secure

Course Outline

1. The Cloud and the DevOps Revolution
● Thinking in terms of cloud and not infrastructure
● Adopting a DevOps culture
● Deploying in AWS
2. Deploying Your First Web Application
● Creating and configuring your account
● Creating our first web server
3. Treating Your Infrastructure As Code
● Managing your infrastructure with CloudFormation
● Adding a configuration management system
4. Adding Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
● Building a continuous integration pipeline
● Building a continuous deployment pipeline
5. Scaling Your Infrastructure
● Scaling a monolithic application
● Improving performance and cost saving
● Architecting your application to handle massive amounts of traffic
6. Running Containers in AWS
● Dockerizing our helloworld application
● Using the EC2 container service
● Creating a CI/CD pipeline to deploy to ECS
7. Monitoring and Alerting
● Instrumenting our application for monitoring
● Monitoring our infrastructure
● Creating alarms using CloudWatch and SNS
8. Hardening the Security of Your AWS Environment
● Understanding where to focus your effort
● Improving the security of the IAM layer
● Strengthening the security at the network level
● Protecting against targeted attacks
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