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Most of our classes can be scheduled for a corporate group. Private group training is most cost effective for groups of ten or more. If your group is smaller than ten and you are looking to stretch your training dollars, purchasing ONLC Learning Credits for use with our public classes will result in the lowest per student cost.

See ONLC Learning Credits

If achieving the lowest per student cost is not a priority and your group must complete training by a specific date or you want to customize the course topics then a private class may be appropriate.

Usually the organization sponsoring the private class has the responsibility for providing the classroom venue. ONLC locations are generally not available for private classes. When ONLC provides the training software for the class, access to our hosting facility via GoToMyPC is required.

All courses are offered in our Remote Classroom Instruction format but some courses and/or locations are only available in the RCI format. Using the RCI format eliminates travel expense that may be incurred for an onsite instructor and can be a significant savings.

Call 800.288.8221 and ask to speak with an account manager, fill out the form below or email us.

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