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Savings Options for Non-Profit Organizations


ONLC Training Centers is proud to offer recognized non-profit organizations discounting on our IT training classes.

U.S.-based non-profits with an annual operating budget of less than $5 million (US$) with an Internal Revenue Code status of 501(c)(3) qualify for this program. This includes public charities, religious, educational, scientific, literary and other such organizations.

Non-profits requesting training that does not already qualify for any
of ONLC's discount options can receive an 11% discount off the list price.*


Non-profits requesting classes that already qualify for an ONLC discount or bundle package,
might be able to receive an additional 4% off of discounted/bundled price.*


For this discounting to apply you must meet the requirements and register for class via our toll free number.

You may attend our live, hands-on, instructor-led computer classes at any of ONLC's more than 300 training locations across the USA . All classes are via remote instructor. If not familiar with this delivery format review the FAQs .

Working with a limited training budget?
We recognize the budgetary constraints that many non-profits have. There may be some other flexibility depending on the size of your group and the titles you're requesting. Give us a call to discuss your specific training needs so we can check for other options.


To learn more, receive pricing or questions about ONLC's classes contact our Education Advisors (weekdays) at:



* Restrictions and Limitations

  • To receive a non-profit savings discount registrations must be placed by phone and the discount mentioned at the time of registration. This discounting offer is not applicable for web registrations.
  • All registrations requests are subject to availability at the time of registration.
  • This offer is limited to US-based non-profit organizations with 501 (c)(3) status and an annual operating budget of less than $5 million (US$).
  • Good on new registrations only, and may be limited to our public classes.
  • The 11% discount offer may not be combined with other discounts, programs, offers or vendor vouchers or credits.
  • The Additional 4% discount must be approved in advance by ONLC and cannot be used in conjunction with any vendor vouchers or credits.
  • You may be required to provide a copy of your organization's 501 (c)(3) certification for verification of classification.
  • Some course topics/titles are not available/applicable for discounting -- see excluded class topics.