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Remote Classroom Instruction

RCI: Classroom Connections

RCI allows us to connect students at any of our sites along with students attending from home/office to an instructor for class.

We use Internet conferencing technology and a phone bridge so that all students are able to participate regardless of location.

Here's how we make the three connections from your location to the instructor's classroom.

  • Audio
    Students can speak directly with the instructor at any point during class and participate in class discussions via a hands-free phone bridge. You'll also be able to hear the other students attending the same class but from other ONLC locations as we find Q&As are typically helpful for everyone's learning.

  • Instructor Presentation
    Students see the instructor's presentation on a computer monitor next to the student workstation. The instructor's presentation is delivered over the Internet using Citrix GoToMeeting™ Viewer.

  • Student Workstation
    At the student workstation, students perform the class labs and exercises. The workstation is connected to the instructor's classroom using Citrix GoToMyPC™ software. The instructor is able to see your computer screen and can take over control of it to provide you with individualized attention and help.

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