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RCI: GoToMeeting & GoToMyPC


Best of class conferencing products.
We've been delivering Remote Classroom Instruction since 2004. Over that time, we've tried a number of solutions to link our remote classrooms to our instructor classrooms. We've tried free software to expensive solutions. However, these competitively-priced, award-winning products from Citrix Online have performed the best for us. They are easy to use, fast, and reliable.Citrix Online Products

Instructor connection.
GoToMeeting connects a dedicated instructor presentation computer in your classroom to the instructor's computer. This lets you see everything the instructor is doing.

Student connection.
GoToMyPC connects the student lab computer in your classroom to a lab computer in the instructor's classroom. This lets the instructor see everything you are doing and allows the instructor to control your computer if you need help.

RCI Support connection.
In addition to your connections to the instructor classroom, we also use GoToAssist to provide you with an extra level of support. In all of our larger training facilities, we have on-site technical support staff. At our smaller centers we rely on GoToAssist to help students if they have problems with their classroom connections. With this product, our RCI Support staff can attach to your instructor and student lab computers to help you re-establish connections or diagnose and fix other technical problems.

We've built our business on these products.
The GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, and GoToAssist products from Citrix Online are the backbone of our Remote Classroom Instruction solution.

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