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Symantec Asset Management Suite 8.5: Administration

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Symantec Asset Management Suite 8.5: Administration Course Outline

The Symantec Asset Management Suite 8.5 Administration course is designed for professionals tasked with using Symantec Asset Management Suite (AMS) to manage their software and hardware resources in their organizations.

This two-day, instructor-led, hands-on course teaches students the underlying components and concepts of the Symantec Management Platform along with the Symantec Management Console that is used by AMS to perform its management functions. Students learn how
to use AMS software solutions to manage their software, account for and track assets, and to manage license compliance. Students also learn how to use the platform consoles and reports to analyze and monitor their environment.

2 days

Course Objectives
By the completion of this course, you will be able to:
Discover and import computer and user resources that you want to manage
Gather hardware, software and operating system inventory
Remotely manage computers
Maintain a software repository
Deliver software to managed computers
Meter and track software on managed computers
Distribute software updates to managed computers
Establish and maintain relationships between assets
Employ contracts and procurement processes
Analyze gathered data using predefined & custom reports

Who Should Attend
This course is for IT administrators who will be maintaining and installing software, taking inventory of computers, distributing software updates to computers, performing asset management functions or remotely managing computers using any of the following
Symantec suites:
IT Management Suite
Client Management Suite
Asset Management Suite
Server Management Suite

You must have a basic understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012) operating systems and optionally Linux and Mac operating systems

This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a working environment.

Course Pre-Work
Before attending the Symantec Asset Management Suite 8.5 Administration course, it is strongly recommended that you complete the following Symantec ITMS Fundamentals web based training modules:
Symantec Management Platform & ITMS Overview
Basic Architecture Overview
Installation and Configuration
Understanding Organizational Views and Groups
Managing Targets and Filters
Managing Policies, Jobs and Tasks

The following modules are included in the course and are based on typical use cases that are designed to meet business or operational objectives and are common to the administration of Symantec Asset Management Suite 8.5

Lesson 1: Identifying Relationships Between Assets

Asset Management Overview
The case for asset management
Asset management components within ITMS

Planning the Asset Management System
Relationship of assets, configuration items and resources
Determining resources to track
Elements of the resource model

Preparing Resources
Creating custom resource components
Preparing organizational and financial resources
Configuring asset settings

Populating Resources
Resource population methods
Populating data with the data connector
Creating data source definitions
Creating and scheduling data transfer rules

Asset Automation & Maintenance
Performing asset automation & maintenance tasks
Populating asset data using CMDB rules

Reporting on Resources
Asset management reports
Running organizational types reports
Reviewing KPIs and dashboards
Working with IT analytics asset management reports

Lesson 2: Understanding Software License Compliance

Software Asset Management Overview
Software asset management overview
Identifying software licenses

Recording Software Licenses
Software license management data
Recording device based software licenses
Recording user based software licenses
Recording hardware based software licenses

Inventory of Software Installation and Usage
Maintaining software asset relationships
Ensuring a consistent software inventory baseline
Application metering and tracking for use in SLM

Comparing Licenses with Inventory
Software utilization and usage summary data
Analyzing device based software compliance
Analyzing user based software compliance
Analyzing hardware based software compliance

Remediation of Software License Discrepancies
Reporting on software license compliance
Notification of software license position
Software license harvesting
Control of software access and usage

Lesson 3: Managing Contracts

Working with Contracts
Contract management challenges
Preparing to create contract resources
Creating contract resources
Configuring automation policies
Running contract reports

Working with Procurement
Overview of procurement management
Preparing the procurement environment
Requesting, ordering, and receiving purchases
Running procurement reports
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