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AZ-304: Azure Architect Design

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AZ-304: Azure Architect Design Course Outline

This course teaches Solutions Architects how to translate business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable solutions. Lessons include design considerations related to logging, cost analysis, authentication and authorization, governance, security, storage, high availability, and migration. This role requires decisions in multiple areas that affect an overall design solution.

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Audience profile
This course is for IT Professionals with expertise in designing and implementing solutions running on Microsoft Azure. They should have broad knowledge of IT operations, including networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platform, budgeting, and governance. Azure Solution Architects use the Azure Portal and as they become more adept they use the Command Line Interface. Candidates must have expert-level skills in Azure administration and have experience with Azure development processes and DevOps processes.

Job role: Solutions Architect

Preparation for exam: AZ-304

Skills gained
Recommend solutions to minimize costs
Recommend a solution for Conditional Access, including multi-factor authentication
Recommend a solution for a hybrid identity including Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect

Successful Azure Solution Architects start this role with experience on operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, and networking.

Understanding of on-premises virtualization technologies, including: VMs, virtual networking, and virtual hard disks.
Understanding of network configuration, including TCP/IP, Domain Name System (DNS), virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, and encryption technologies.

Understanding of Active Directory concepts, including domains, forests, domain controllers, replication, Kerberos protocol, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Understanding of resilience and disaster recovery, including backup and restore operations.

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Module 1: Design for Cost Optimization
In this module, you will learn how to optimize costs from recommendations, breakdown costs by Azure Service, and download and review usage details. 01-View
Recommend Solutions for Cost Management
Recommended Viewpoints for Minimizing Costs

Module 2: Design a Solution for Logging and Monitoring
In this module, you will learn about Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights, and Azure Sentinel. You will be able to monitor Azure Resources with Azure Monitor and collect and analyze resource Logs for Azure.
Azure Monitoring Services
Azure Monitor

Module 3: Design Authentication
In this module, you will learn to implement Conditional Access and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and also be able to recommend an Authentication Methodology for Hybrid Identity.
Recommend a Solution for Multi-Factor Authentication
Recommend a Solution for Single-Sign On (SSO)
Five Steps for Securing Identity Infrastructure
Recommend a Solution for a Hybrid Identity
Recommend a Solution for B2B Integration

Module 4: Design Authorization
In this module, you will learn how to provide Identities to services and understand the hierarchy of Management Groups and Subscriptions.
Infrastructure Protection
Recommend a Hierarchical Structure for Management Groups, Subscriptions and Resource Groups

Module 5: Design Governance
In this module, you will learn apply an Azure Policy, Identify non-compliant resources, and manage tag governance with Azure Policy.
Recommend a Solution for using Azure Policy
Recommend a Solution for using Azure Blueprint

Module 6: Design Security for Applications
In this module, you will understand Azure Key Vault availability and redundancy, managed Identities for Azure resources. Also, learn about system-assigned Managed Identity and Azure VMs.
Recommend a Solution using KeyVault
Recommend a Solution using Azure AD Managed Identities

Module 7: Design a Solution for Databases
In this module, you will be able to recommend the appropriate data store and recommend Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance Service tiers.
Select an Appropriate Data Platform Based on Requirements
Overview of Azure Data Storage
Recommend Database Service Tier Sizing
Dynamically Scale Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instances
Recommend a Solution for Encrypting Data at Rest, Transmission, and In Use

Module 8: Design Data Integration
In this module, you will learn about data flows using Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics architecture.
Recommend a Data Flow
Recommend a Solution for Data Integration

Module 9: Select an Appropriate Storage Account
In this module, you will learn about recommend a design a strategy for using tiered storage and manage tiered Storage using Azure tools.
Understanding Storage Tiers
Recommend a Storage Access Solution
Recommend Storage Management Tools

Module 10: Design a Solution for Backup and Recovery
In this module, you will learn about solutions for site recovery capacity and site failover and failback. You will be able to recommend solutions for recovery in different regions.
Recommend a Recovery Solution for Hybrid and On-Premises Workloads
Design and Azure Site Recovery Solution
Recommend a Solution for Recovery in Different Regions
Recommend a Solution for Azure Backup Management
Design a Solution for Data Archiving and Retention

Module 11: Design for High Availability
In this module, you will learn about solutions for application and workload redundancy, including compute, database, and storage.
Recommend a Solution for Application and Workload Redundancy
Recommend a Solution for Autoscaling
Identify Resources that Require High Availability
Identify Storage Tpes for High Availability
Recommend a Solution for Geo-Redundancy of Workloads

Module 12: Design a Compute Solution
In this module, you will learn about the appropriate compute technologies, including virtual machines, App Services, Service Fabric, Azure Functions, Windows Virtual Desktop, and containers.
Recommend a Solution for Compute Provisioning
Determine Appropriate Compute Technologies
Recommend a Solution for Containers
Recommend a Solution for Automating Compute Management

Module 13: Design a Network Solution
In this module, you will learn about solutions for network addressing and name resolution, network provisioning, and network security.
Recommend a Solution for Network Addressing and Name Resolution
Recommend a Solution for Network Provisioning
Recommend a Solution for Network Security
Recommend a Solution for iInternete Connectivity and On-Premises Networks,
Recommend a Solution for Automating Network Management
Recommend a Solution for Load Balancing and Rraffic Routing

Module 14: Design an Application Architecture
In this module, you will learn about solution for deployment of applications including ARM templates, Logic Apps, or Azure Functions. You will also learn about microservices architecture including Event Grid, Event Hubs, Service Bus, Storage Queues, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and webhooks.
Recommend a Microservices Architecture
Recommend an Orchestration Solution for Deployment of Applications
Recommend a Solution for API Integration

Module 15: Design Migrations
In this module, you will learn about recommend a solution for migrating applications and VMs and a solution for migration of databases.
Assess and On-Premises Servers and Applications for Migration
Recommend a Solution for Migrating Applications and VMs
Recommend a Solution for Migration of Databases

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