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Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing

Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) for Free Microsoft Technical Training


What is Microsoft Software Assurance?

Microsoft introduced Software Assurance (SA) as an easy and affordable way for their Volume Licensing customers to stay current with the latest Microsoft products. Under the SA program, customers acquire the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of their coverage.


Free Technical Training with Software Assurance

SA Training Vouchers are only available from Microsoft and are given to qualified Microsoft software licensing subscription holders. Vouchers are in electronic format and can only be distributed by Microsoft.

Each voucher will be marked with a value—typically from 1 to 5 days worth of free training. The number of training days a company has available varies by the type and volume of licensing programs you have with Microsoft.


What Courses are Approved for SA Vouchers?

Microsoft SA Vouchers can be redeemed for authorized instructor-led training created by Microsoft for the IT professional or developer audience.

Courses that are NOT eligible for SA Voucher use include First Look Clinics, Hands-on Labs, and courses that have been created for end users—for example, Microsoft Office and Dynamics courses.


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SATV Cancellation Policy

Per Microsoft SATV program rules, students canceling or rescheduling within 14 calendar days of their class will have their SATV voucher released and will be invoiced for the full retail cost of the class.

How SA Vouchers Work

Companies with the SA Training Benefit will need to establish a Benefits Administrator on staff to supervise and coordinate their company's vouchers.

Once that's done...

  1. Your Benefits Administrator must activate each voucher via a Microsoft web site and then assign the training days and associated vouchers to the employees.
    Play the below video to review how to activate your SATV benefits with ONLC Training Centers.

  2. Once the voucher is assigned, the employee can register for class via ONLC's web site or by calling us at 1.800.288.8221.

  3. While registering with ONLC the student will need to provide...

    • SA training voucher number

    • Student's Email Address exactly as provided when the voucher was assigned.
      (This detail will be on the email from Microsoft that's sent to your company's SA Training Benefits Administrator as soon as the voucher is assigned.)


ONLC is a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner

Don't Miss Out on Free Training

Each year companies miss out on thousands of dollars in free Microsoft training because they don’t redeem their Software Assurance (SA) training vouchers. The Training Vouchers benefit expires with your Software Assurance coverage.

As a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner ONLC Training Centers can accept Microsoft SA Vouchers for approved classes.

If you have created a training voucher and reserved it with ONLC before the expiration of your Software Assurance coverage, the voucher will be valid for 180 days after the date it was created. Training Vouchers not reserved with ONLC before the end of your Software Assurance coverage will expire and be forfeited.


For More Information

For more information about SA Benefits, please send email to our Business Development Managers or call...



Software Assurance is a Microsoft program and therefore subject to Microsoft's requirements, restrictions, limitations and offerings.
SA Vouchers may not be combined with any other discounts or used for any offers.