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We make select ONLC sites available for classroom rentals (see list below). Clients can rent computer classrooms at those centers on weekdays. These are the same training rooms we use for our own classes.

Our classrooms can be used for classroom-based instruction, product demonstrations, sales presentations, seminars and gatherings.

Facility/Classroom Highlights

  • Classrooms sizes from 4 to 24 student seats (varies by location)
  • Instructor station (same setup as student machines)
  • Traditional classroom-style layout
  • 3Ghz Core 2 or Pentium IV computers
  • 2Gb RAM typical, up to 8GB available
  • 17" or 19" monitors (varies by location)
  • Middle-monitor system for projecting instructor's PC screen
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Erasable whiteboard
  • Morning and afternoon snack and beverages
  • On-site staff to welcome your instructor and students
  • Technical support
  • Standard hours of operation: 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday

Optional Features (additional cost)

  • Extended Technical Assistance
  • Extended Operating Hours

Classroom Rental Locations

Rent a computer classroom(s) in any of these cities (click city name for directions & map)...

Delaware: Wilmington
New Jersey: Mount Laurel (south NJ /east of Philadelphia)
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia


Virtual Training Classroom

Have a group to train, but they can't all travel to your location, or the cost to do so would be prohibitive? Solve your problem by renting our virtual training lab!

Our virtal labs are powerful Core2 Duo, 8Mb machines that you access remotely using GoToMyPC. Our staff will load your image and provide the GoToMyPC connections. Your students remotely control the virtual lab computers from your classroom or their office, home or hotel.

The virtual lab computers are connected to the internet through redundant T-1 class connections. These features, combined with the outstanding reliability of GotoMyPC, assures that your virtual lab will be always available.

More Information

Rental pricing is based on the location, number of student seats, equipment, number of rental days and the inclusion of any optional components. To receive more information about our training room rentals please call...


...or submit your classroom rental request via the form below.

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