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FAQs about RCI
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about training via Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI™).

  • Will I be able to see the instructor?

    Each instructor computer is outfitted with a webcam. Most instructors use the camera during the introductions and briefly when coming back from breaks so that you will be able to “put a face to the voice.” Video of the instructor is not running throughout the course. You will, however, be able to see the instructor’s computer screen and the whiteboard work for the duration of the class.

  • What if I have a question?

    You simply voice your question. Speaker phones and a phone bridge connect all of the classrooms with the instructor. Phones are equipped with a mute option to help eliminate extraneous noise.

  • What happens if I get stuck during a lab?

    Just ask for help like in a regular class. The instructor is able to see the computer you are accessing and can take control of that mouse and keyboard to provide you with individualized attention and help as needed.

  • How many students are in a class?

    Our typical maximum class size is 12. That's been our standard for almost three decades of training. By keeping class sizes smaller we're able to ensure personalized attention for the students regardless of the instructor's physical location—in the same room, across the country, or somewhere in between.

  • Will I be by myself in an RCI room?

    Our remote classrooms typically seat one to four students. There is a chance that you will be taking the class with one or more peers, though that is dependent upon registrations for that class at that specific location.

  • Can I take training from my home or office?

    Yes, you can attend from your home or office via RCI. To do so you should have at minimum a computer with high-speed internet connection, speaker/hands-free phone and unlimited long-distance. For more details see RCI from Home or Office.

    For this option select Home/Office via RCI as your location when registering.

  • Will I need to install software?

    If attending class at an ONLC site you will not have to install anything. Everything should be set up for you when you get there.

    If you choose to attend from your home or office, you will need to install the conference connections -- a simple 5-minute process to get you up and running. You do not have to have or install the class software (e.g. Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, CRM, Citrix).

  • What if I don't like the class?

    We offer an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a class, simply notify the instructor before the lunch break of the first class day, return the courseware, and you will receive a full refund for the class cost.

  • How is a RCI class different from a web seminar?

    In a web seminar, you just listen and watch an instructor presentation. You have no hands-on component. In many web seminars, you can't ask questions except for typing chat messages.

    In an RCI session you have hands-on access to software for labs and can ask questions freely over the phone. You'll also be able to hear questions posed by other students regardless of their location.

  • How is RCI different from other web-delivered computer classes?

    You may have participated in a web-based class where the instructor presents to a group in a web seminar fashion. Sometimes called "synchronous" training, the "live" component of the class is when everyone is connected to the instructor presentation. This live lecture will go on with very little "doing" or interaction on your part. During these sessions, an instructor can present to a large group of student (easily 30 or more) because it is mostly one-way communication.

    Then after the lecture, students schedule lab time where they can access servers that have the course software loaded. During the lab time students work independently. They can e-mail the instructor if they have questions or problems during the labs.

    In contrast to other blended solutions, RCI students experience a flow of interaction that is exactly like a regular class. You listen to and watch the instructor. Then you experiment and practice with the software. If you get stuck on a lab, you can ask for help—right then by talking; not by sending an email. You don't have to schedule time for labs—the labs take place while you are in the class working with the instructor.

    Our average class size is small—typically limited to no more than 12 students to ensure personalized attention if it's needed.

  • Do people take a second class in this format?

    Absolutely! For many people, RCI is a great solution. We've worked to put the best conferencing technology in place so that you will see very little difference between RCI and a course that has the instructor physically in the same classroom.

    During a recent survey RCI participants were asked if they would take another course via RCI. Over 92% said that they would.

  • Is RCI right for me?

    The best candidates for an RCI class are those people with strong mouse and Windows skills and who have English as their primary language. If you're not sure if RCI is right for you call our toll free number (800.288.8221) to speak with one of our Education Advisors.

  • Is there a price difference for an RCI class?

    Even though our costs to deliver a class via RCI are higher, we do not pass the added expense on to RCI students.

    With RCI you are using two computers instead of one (we provide a computer in the instructor's classroom plus one at your location). In addition, we must provide the communications links between the two classrooms (long distance phone lines, a phone conferencing bridge, and high-speed internet connections). Conferencing software licenses on your lab PC and on the instructor presentation machine also have to be purchased. These are the additional “hard costs” to an RCI event. On top of that, there are “soft costs” related to coordinating an event that must link multiple locations. None of these added expenses are passed on to the student.

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