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Microsoft Office 365 Custom Group Training & Migrations

Microsoft Office 365 includes an array of cloud-based apps plus the standard programs of Excel, Word and so on. Do you need to get your employees trained efficiently and effectively on all that Microsoft Office 365 can do?

ONLC offers custom Office 365 training solutions!

Our high-impact, flexible training options will quickly bring your group up on Office 365 features and functionalities to maximize production while minimizing their time in training. Our custom training events can include a variety of topics to address your company's specific needs.

We can deliver this private training virtually and simultaneously to multiple locations; in-person at your own in-house facilities; from ONLC's more than 300 training centers; or combinations thereof.

Custom Office 365 Training

To get started planning your company's custom Office 365 training solution...

  1. Contact ONLC toll free at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays) or send email to discuss your Office 365 training needs and overall goals for this training.

    As an example, we can provide sessions that focus on specific Office 365 cloud-based apps, traditional Office applications (Excel, Word, et.al), what your IT staff needs to make sure Office 365 runs properly and securely, or a combination thereof.

  2. An ONLC Manager will work directly with you to develop a targeted, custom approach based on the technologies specified. Custom events will be tailored to address each department's needs. Delivery formats can include:

    • 90-minute, topic-specific lecture/demo sessions - multiple sessions can be held each day.

    • Pilot sessions

    • Instructor consultation

    • Virtual or in-person overview sessions

    • Virtual or in-person hands-on classes

    • ONLC's public classes

  3. Once the learning objectives and delivery methods have been determined, our representative will be able to provide you with a price quote.

  4. When our quote is approved, ONLC's Manager will work directly with you to schedule your company's custom Office 365 training!


Request Your Custom Quote

Contact ONLC today to learn how we can minimize costs and downtime associated with your Microsoft Office 365 training...

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Custom Training for Other Topics

ONLC can provide custom and private group training for any of the titles on our public class schedule . An ONLC Manager will work directly with you to determine the most cost-effective way to bring your staff up-to-speed quickly and efficiently.


Examples of ONLC's Custom Office Trainings

ONLC Training Centers has been helping businesses, corporations and government agencies move to the latest version of Microsoft Office since the software suite’s initial release back in 1990.

We've assisted thousands of business users migrate to all that Microsoft Office has to offer while minimizing their time in training. Here are just some short case studies involving different industries we've assisted with a Microsoft Office Migration.

Auto Manufacturer.
A major auto manufacturer was deploying Office 365 and needed in-person training delivered at three regional offices for more than 1,200 users. Lecture/demo sessions were limited to 25 individuals to allow for live Q&A. Four 90 minute sessions were created to review Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Office 365 (online applications, OneDrive, OneNote and collaboration).

Financial Institution.
A financial institution was upgrading over 3,000 users to the latest version Microsoft Office and Windows. In addition to end-user training, we delivered technical training to the support staff. End-users received custom job aides. Training was delivered at their headquarters as well as in their regional offices nationally.

United States Navy.
A regional office of the US Navy wanted to migrate almost 4,000 users to the latest version of Outlook. ONLC was selected because we were able to offer innovative, cost effective training solutions. Of particular interest to the Navy was our option for online training materials after the class. This provided a more ecological and less expensive alternative to printing a complete set of manuals for each user.

Major Pharmaceutical Company.
Before anyone could get their desktop updated to the latest operating system, over 5,000 employees at a pharmaceutical company had to participate in a 90-minute live training session at their desktop. Users nationwide participated in this multi-month OS rollout training. In addition, sessions for each new Office application were delivered. Other advanced classes for administrative assistants and as well as VIP one-on-one sessions were delivered.


For More Information

To learn how ONLC can minimize costs and downtime associated with your Microsoft Office 365 training please contact ONLC Manager at...

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