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BEP113 Power Pivot Level 1
PITP01 CompTIA Project+ Certification Training (with Exam Voucher)
WAA111 Adobe Acrobat XI Introduction
WAA211 Adobe Acrobat XI Advanced
WACI07 Access 2007 Introduction
WACI10 Access 2010 Introduction
WACI13 Access 2013 Introduction
WACI16 Access Introduction
WACI19 Access Introduction
WACM10 Access 2010 Advanced
WACM13 Access 2013 Advanced
WACM16 Access Advanced
WACM19 Access Advanced
WACP07 Access 2007 Programming with VBA
WACP10 Access 2010 Programming with VBA
WACP13 Access 2013 Programming with VBA
WACP16 Access Programming with VBA
WCRI08 Crystal Reports 2008 Introduction
WCRI11 Crystal Reports 11.0 Introduction
WCRI13 Crystal Reports 2013 Part 1
WCRI16 Crystal Reports Part 1
WCRIX1 Crystal Reports 2011 Introduction
WCRM08 Crystal Reports 2008 Advanced
WCRM11 Crystal Reports 11.0 Advanced
WCRM13 Crystal Reports 2013 Part 2
WCRM16 Crystal Reports Part 2
WCRMX1 Crystal Reports 2011 Advanced
WEX110 Excel 2010 Introduction
WEX113 Excel 2013 Introduction
WEX116 Excel 2016 Introduction
WEX119 Excel Introduction
WEX210 Excel 2010 Intermediate
WEX213 Excel 2013 Intermediate
WEX310 Excel 2010 Advanced
WEX313 Excel 2013 Advanced
WEXC16 Excel 2016 Charts, Formatting, and Reporting
WEXC19 Excel Charts, Formatting and Reporting
WEXD16 Excel 2016: Database Features and PivotTables
WEXD19 Excel Database Features and PivotTables
WEXE13 Excel 2013 Exam Prep - Expert
WEXL16 Excel 2016: Workbooks, Formulas and Functions
WEXL19 Excel Workbooks, Formulas and Functions
WEXM16 Excel Macros
WEXP07 Excel 2007 Programming with VBA
WEXP10 Excel 2010 Programming with VBA
WEXP13 Excel 2013 Programming with VBA
WEXP16 Excel Programming with VBA
WEXR16 Excel Power User
WEXR19 Excel Power User
WEXS13 Excel 2013 Exam Prep - Specialist
WEXT16 Excel Tips, Tricks and Timesavers
WMOA13 Moving to Microsoft Office 2013
WMOA16 Moving to Microsoft Office 2016
WMOU10 Moving to Microsoft Office 2010 with Outlook
WMP107 Microsoft Project 2007: Level 1
WMP110 Microsoft Project 2010: Level 1
WMP113 Microsoft Project 2013: Level 1
WMP116 Microsoft Project 2016: Level 1
WMP119 Microsoft Project 2019: Level 1
WMP207 Microsoft Project 2007: Level 2
WMP210 Microsoft Project 2010: Level 2
WMP213 Microsoft Project 2013: Level 2
WMP216 Microsoft Project 2016: Level 2
WMP219 Microsoft Project 2019: Level 2
WMPM16 Microsoft Project Level 2: Advanced
WON110 Microsoft Office OneNote 2010
WON113 Microsoft Office OneNote 2013
WON116 Microsoft Office OneNote 2016
WOU110 Outlook 2010 Introduction
WOU113 Outlook 2013 Introduction
WOU116 Outlook Introduction
WOU210 Outlook 2010 Intermediate
WOU213 Outlook 2013 Intermediate
WOU216 Outlook Intermediate
WOU310 Outlook 2010 Advanced
WPP110 PowerPoint 2010 Introduction
WPP113 PowerPoint 2013 Introduction
WPP116 PowerPoint Introduction
WPP119 PowerPoint Introduction
WPP210 PowerPoint 2010 Beyond the Basics
WPP213 PowerPoint 2013 Beyond the Basics
WPP216 PowerPoint Beyond the Basics
WPP219 PowerPoint Beyond the Basics
WPPT16 PowerPoint Tips, Tricks and Timesavers
WPU107 Publisher 2007 Introduction
WPU110 Publisher 2010 Introduction
WPU113 Publisher 2013 Introduction
WPU116 Publisher Introduction
WSC1SR Salesforce.com: Sales Cloud for Sales Representatives
WSL1SR Salesforce.com for Sales Representatives
WVS103 Visio Introduction
WVS107 Visio 2007 Introduction
WVS110 Visio 2010 Introduction
WVS113 Visio 2013 Introduction
WVS116 Visio Introduction
WVS203 Visio Intermediate
WVS207 Visio 2007 Intermediate
WVS210 Visio 2010 Intermediate
WVS213 Visio 2013 Level 2
WVS216 Visio Advanced
WWD110 Word 2010 Introduction
WWD113 Word 2013 Introduction
WWD116 Word 2016 Introduction
WWD119 Word Introduction
WWD210 Word 2010 Intermediate
WWD213 Word 2013 Intermediate
WWD216 Word 2016 Intermediate
WWD219 Word Intermediate
WWD310 Word 2010 Advanced
WWD313 Word 2013 Advanced
WWD316 Word 2016 Advanced
WWD319 Word Advanced
WXP1XP Windows XP Introduction
XPYI30 Introduction to Python 3
XPYINP Python Programming - Basics for Non-Programmers
XPYM30 Advanced Python 3 Programming
XPYS30 Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas