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2021 has seen businesses fully embrace the transition to online operations and remote work that were introduced in 2020, and 2022 shows no signs of that trend slowing.  With this growing transition to online and remote operations, the need for cyber security and IT professionals is only increasing.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a 37% growth in cyber security jobs from 2021 to 2022, a much higher growth rate than almost all other industries.       

Cyber security certifications can make the difference when landing your first job and further career progression.  We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 cyber security certifications that employers will be looking for in their 2022 entry-level roles.  

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Malicious data breaches and ransomware attacks continue to grow, and businesses are scrambling to find the people and the resources to combat the threat.  The Certified Ethical Hacker certification from the EC-Council shows employers that the holder has the skills and knowledge to combat malicious intrusions and hackers head-on.  Holding a CEH certification gives you the skills to build offensive and defensive cybersecurity applications that can save companies time, money, and reputation.       

CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a cornerstone of the IT and cybersecurity industry.  This certification focuses on the basic network infrastructure that supports IT operations.  The CompTIA Network+ course teaches you how to design, manage, and implement networks and all of their hardware.  This certification also introduces the critical security components of network management that allow IT networking professionals to work side productively with security experts.      

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The CISSP certification is recognized across the globe and is one of the best cybersecurity certifications.  While not necessarily an entry-level certification, it can be a tremendous asset in landing a role at any company. This certification covers the complete design and implementation of cyber security programs, engineering, architecture, user access management, physical security, and more.  This certification does require a level of industry experience from at least 2 of the following areas (Domains).

  • Domain 1. Security and Risk Management
  • Domain 2. Asset Security
  • Domain 3. Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Domain 4. Communication and Network Security
  • Domain 5. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Domain 6. Security Assessment and Testing
  • Domain 7. Security Operations
  • Domain 8. Software Development Security

Paid and unpaid internships can be counted towards this experience, and current certifications and education can be counted towards the prerequisites.  

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is considered the primary building block of any IT career. This certification covers a wide range of basics to install, configure, and manage IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Additionally, this course teaches the deployment, management, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all the hardware that comes with these networks. Holding a CCNA certification in 2022 will be an almost required key to opening the door to a cybersecurity career.      

CompTIA Security+ 

The CompTIA Security+ certification is required for DoD 8570/8140 compliance, so anyone looking for a cyber security role with a government agency or group that contracts for the Federal government will need this. This certification is required for applicants at many businesses. If not, candidates will likely be expected to complete the course soon after signing an offer. Getting the CompTIA Security+ certification out of the way early is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the applicant pool. 

Ready to be part of the coming cyber security wave of 2022? ONLC Training Centers will help you fill your resume with the top cybersecurity certifications you need to be the top applicant in your new career.  

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