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Holding a degree in an IT subject can be beneficial, particularly if your career aspirations are to work as an accomplished IT professional with a specific area of knowledge or if you intend to use your IT training qualifications to meet the recruitment criteria for an employment role. However, many misconceptions exist about the most […]

Embarking in IT training online has the dual benefit of enabling you to achieve formal certifications in your chosen area while ensuring you have the flexibility to manage other commitments or career obligations simultaneously. Whether you are ready to work towards a career in the IT space or need IT abilities to use the software […]

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There has never been a better time than now to get into a career in IT.    The COVID-19 pandemic forced the private and public sectors to remote work, the importance of IT and tech roles skyrocketed.    Growth in software development, artificial intelligence, network management, cloud computing, and other tech jobs has outpaced almost […]