corporate group training

Corporate training programs are an excellent way to educate large portions of your workforce, improving daily efficiency, reducing frustrations, and help them grow their career skill sets. Additionally, it can help reduce the burden on IT departments and trainers. Regardless of your team’s size, investing in group training can pay dividends in the workplace.  

Group IT and Software Training Courses  

A majority of the workforce has basic experience with core Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel, but investing in more than the basics can bring significant changes to the workplace. Teaching teams the ins and outs of pivot tables, vlookups, and essential functions can remove hours of frustration and lost productivity while at the same time providing employees with valuable training that builds their skills.  

If your team is in need of more advanced systems skills, group training sessions for business intelligence tools like PowerBI and Tableau can revolutionize how teams visualize their data, report, and make decisions, Having only a single team member trained in business intelligence and visualization systems can create major backlogs and slow progress.  

Security Skills in a Team Environment 

Training your entry-level and intermediate IT teams is a resource-intensive endeavor, in both time and money. Providing corporate facilitated training for multiple employees simultaneously gets your IT department leveled up quickly, efficiently, and in the most cost-effective manner possible. ONLC Training Centers offers some of the most in-demand and impactful cybersecurity and IT certifications for your team, like CompTIA Security+ CySA+, and Microsoft Security.    

Learning Wherever Your Team Is 

The workforce has permanently changed over the last few years. No longer are teams bound to the confines of one office, one city, or even one country. While the complexities of a remote workforce have created new challenges with administration, payroll, and coordinated tasks, the process of group learning and training has been streamlined. Advances in e-learning technology have made it easier than ever to coordinate corporate training across the city or the world.    

Get Your Team Started With Group Training 

There’s no better way to get your corporate team up to speed at scale than group training from ONLC Training Centers. ONLC can help your team scale up quickly and professionally on almost any software that your organization uses. Get started building your team’s skills with marketing tools, project management, security, office essentials, and more with the experts at ONLC.   

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