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Excel is arguably the best and most used spreadsheet program in history. It also provides tons of other smart tools that make it the “Swiss Army Knife” of the software world. Let’s go over some hidden Excel tricks that you never knew existed.  Flash Fill If you have columns that are repeating patterns, you can […]


Microsoft Excel is the best tool in the Microsoft Office Suite for analyzing data. Yet Excel also has the charting and graphing features that help display your data in an easy to understand format.  Let’s discuss some Excel presentation tips that will help you present data in a compelling and visually appealing format. 1. Charts and […]


If you’ve ever used Microsoft Excel, you’ve noticed that there are tons of buttons on toolbars that you can use at different times on different document types in certain contexts. These buttons issue all sorts of handy, powerful commands. Sometimes, the exact command you want can be hard to find if you dive off into […]


Administrative assistants are tasked with many different assignments from day to day and most often these duties depend on the business and people they are employed to assist. Being savvy and up to date on the latest business technology is a huge advantage to anyone, but can be especially helpful for administrative assistants. Technological competence […]


Microsoft Excel has been the go-to spreadsheet program for decades. Almost every business professional has used Excel at some point to organize data, compute totals, and create graphs. Excel Analytics provides capabilities that allow users to go way beyond typical Excel functionality. A great way to learn how to leverage the extensive power of Excel […]


Taking the Microsoft Excel Certification exam is a smart and worthwhile step to differentiate yourself from the competition, demonstrate proficiency or simply get better at all that Excel has to offer. A strong foundation in Excel improves your job performance and surveys suggest those with a certification make more than their noncertified counterparts. In a […]