Because technology is constantly evolving, IT professionals have to evolve to keep up with the changing requirements of their job.  On-going learning is essential to avoid being left behind. Below are some reasons why obtaining an IT certification is important for IT professionals.

A certification on top of your degree can open up new possibilities

Getting a certification on top of your degree can set you apart from the sea of applicants that only have a degree. Most often, you will immediately make the first cut because the employer can see that you had the drive to get additional advanced training when other applicants did not. This assures employers that you will go above and beyond when the need arises.

A certification is a good resume builder

An IT certification is a mark of distinction that sets you apart. Adding these certifications to your resume gives you an opportunity to assert your qualifications before you ever meet a potential employer face-to-face. Similar to going up against less qualified applicants when you have a degree and they don’t, it lets employers know that you have reached a higher level of training. This higher level of training is what makes certified professionals more highly sought after.  

Employers might pay for certifications

A lot of companies will pay for IT certifications because it is a sound investment for the future of their company to have highly skilled professionals on staff. The ROI on an employee who is certified far exceeds any expense a company will pay out for training. Some IT companies that offer certifications in their technologies will even give incentives to employers to have team members with their certifications on staff.

A certification is an indicator of top quality work

Certifications for IT professionals are indicators that an applicant produces top quality work. Since you had the drive and perseverance to obtain a higher level of training, a certification proves that you have the advanced knowledge necessary to be a leader.

Certifications command higher salaries and create opportunities for promotions

Probably the biggest and most obvious reason to get an IT certification is that companies may give you a raise in salary and possibly even a promotion for getting certified. Your certification benefits the company because they gain a valuable asset as you have already demonstrated your ability to be a leader and have shown that you will do what it takes to get the job done.

Certifications for IT professionals require a lot of hard work, but they are more focused and detail oriented than other types of training. If you obtain a certification for a technology that you currently use or will use in the future, you should be able to apply the knowledge almost immediately.

This will prove the ROI to your employer making them more likely to invest in you in the future. Company loyalty fosters trust and opens up possibilities for you. If you have ever thought about obtaining an IT certification, there is no time like the present. Contact ONLC Training Centers for more information on how you can further your career with certifications for IT professionals.

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