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Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint are similar programs that share certain features. It’s not always intuitive as to what makes them different or how to utilize each. Both are critical to your business’ streamlined workflow, but let’s explore the features of each. By understanding what makes each program unique, your team will be able to maximize […]

SharePoint is an excellent program for managing and sharing files with others. Yet, SharePoint might be difficult for untrained individuals. Thankfully, SharePoint can be accessed without leaving the comfort of Microsoft Outlook.  SharePoint can be incorporated into Outlook using the ‘Connect to Outlook” feature. This feature provides Outlook with all the functions in SharePoint. Businesses […]

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Effective teamwork and communication are crucial to the success of enterprises. Microsoft’s SharePoint, a web-based collaboration and document management platform, has provided a modern solution for businesses that need centralized workspaces and improved processes to boost productivity. If you are the administrator of a SharePoint site in your organization, you may find you need to […]

SharePoint provides a central location for managing workflows, participating in projects, and liaising with coworkers while working from any location. Creating a new site is one of the topics covered in our ONLC SharePoint 365 training courses. How your site is set up will depend on its purpose—you can create informational display sites and/or sites […]

SharePoint surveys are customizable and can be used to collect and organize feedback and suggestions, evaluate project outcomes, or gather ideas or data relevant to your project or workflow. They are one of the tools and functionalities covered in ONLC’s SharePoint training for beginners, along with essential coaching about the structure, uses, and capabilities of […]

A SharePoint document library is where you can find a list of documents and files stored on your site, as well as information about users, workflows, and related permissions.  If you are new to the platform or have yet to complete your SharePoint training certification, you can find a document library by opening your Office […]

When working with SharePoint, the term ‘checkout’ refers to a feature whereby users can edit a shared file without conflicting with other collaborators.  It is one of the useful tools for any workflow in SharePoint where more than one person requires access to the same document or list item. Checking out a file allows the […]

Microsoft SharePoint offers various pre-programmed mini-applications that simplify and automate different business processes within a corporation. These mini-applications are commonly referred to as workflows and are meant to cut down the amount of time and effort you put to achieve your daily business goals. There are many SharePoint online benefits you can enjoy when you […]

Microsoft SharePoint has proved to be an essential tool for businesses and organizations around the world, thanks to its ability to allow them to automate their business processes, monitor progress, and share information safely across departments. You can also improve your workflow in SharePoint and enjoy many other online benefits. But what is SharePoint used […]