Business owners, no matter what industry they are in, are all investing in the same thing: their employees. Companies that sponsor employee training and encourage employees to expand their skill sets historically have seen higher productivity and better team retention. In the past, we have discussed the benefits of paid employee IT training and even outlined a step-by-step guide for employees to approach their supervisors about employer-sponsored training.

Today, we are focusing on how to start the conversation with your boss. We have created a copy-and-paste email template below that employees can edit and send to their supervisors.

Dear <Supervisor’s First Name>,

Throughout my time here, I have valued <Insert Company Name’s> dedication to professional development and career growth. My goal is to continue to grow with the company for many years to come. As I strive to bring more value to the company, I have identified aspects of my current position that could optimize the <Department Name> performance. Particularly, I believe <Area of Focus> is an area of focus from which <Company Name> can profit.

In my free time, I have been looking into training programs to sharpen and expand my current skill set in regards to <Area of Focus>. After researching various programs, I have found a curriculum specializing in <Insert Area of Focus> through ONLC Training Centers. By completing training in <Area of Focus>, I will be able to optimize my productivity, gain valuable leadership abilities, and increase my bandwidth for specialized projects. ONLC offers satellite and in-person training so that I can tailor the program with my current work schedule. 

After completing the <Length of Program> course, I will be proficient in:

  • Insert 3 to 5 bullet points of what you will be learning in the class. 

The total cost of the program is <Insert Tuition Cost>; however, the revenue this additional expertise can bring to <Company Name> is exponential. 

I hope my loyalty to <Company name> has demonstrated my level of investment in our success. Now, I would like to ask you to invest in the impact that <Area of Focus> can have by providing financial assistance for my enrollment in this program. By allowing me to gain more knowledge in this field, <Company Name> can save money by eliminating the inevitable need to bring an outside <Area of Focus> specialist. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request, and I hope to hear discuss this course more with you soon. 


<Your Name>

Once you’ve tailored your email to your supervisor, send the request at least six to eight weeks before your course is to begin. Leaving a window of time between the request and the course registration deadline will allow more time for follow-up, and if approved, for expenses to be submitted. 

Our team of experts is available to discuss any questions you or your supervisor may have while making your decision about outsourcing technology training to ONLC. We have over 300 IT training sites in the United States and offer remote classes that can fit into your busy schedule. Find the program that’s right for you today by contacting us here

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