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Over 600,000 companies worldwide use Slack as their internal messaging system, making it one of the most popular ways for teams to stay connected throughout the workday. As companies in every corner of the globe have transitioned to remote offices and seemingly permanent work from home programs, Slack has grown to over 12,000,000 daily users, creating an ever-increasing demand for channel and organizational administrators. Enter the Slack Certification Program.

Slack Certification 

The Slack Certified Program teaches and validates the skills a user would need to grow in 2 main paths; Slack Certified Admin and Slack Certified Developer.  

Slack Certified Admin 

A Slack Certified Admin possesses the skills and capabilities to create secure and productive Slack environments for users and organizations with any number of daily users. Having this certification demonstrates the ability to create and manage Slack instances, manage users and permissions, create and implement policies, understand all features and settings, and be able to contribute to improvements in the greater Slack community.       

Those seeking this certification should have at least 6-12 months of experience using Slack, ideally in an administrative capacity. Taking a Slack course is an excellent entry point for anyone who doesn’t have a great handle on the platform.     

Slack Certified Developer 

A Slack Certified Developer has the skills and abilities to create custom applications for Slack users by leveraging API’s and their app development skills. Having this certification demonstrates the ability to create custom Slack integrations for users and organizations by leveraging the Slack API and Slack Developer Tools. Users will have a deep understanding of Bolt, Node Slack SDK, Steno, Java Slack SDK, and Python SDK.  

Those seeking this certification should have at least 6-12 months of experience building apps within Slack and a strong technical background in programming languages like Java Script or Python.  

Why Get Slack Certified? 

As the world adjusts to the new normal of mass remote work, companies of all sizes are shifting how they do business and prioritizing systems for communication and productivity. Adapting to new systems like Slack creates new tech debt within organizations and additional strain on IT teams, opening the door for in-house roles and contracting and consulting opportunities. Team members looking to set themselves apart and applying for higher-level roles or new compensation plans provide additional value by growing their Slack skills as well. 

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