Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are much more than a Rolodex system for customers. These technologies help streamline customer relationships at all touchpoints to allow companies to maintain loyal customers and grow their leads, all the while providing a means of gathering and archiving customer data. 

Leading the CRM industry is Salesforce, the #1 platform across the world, with over 150,000 companies using their solutions. Don’t let the name fool you; Salesforce is much more than just a tool for sales teams. Its capabilities extend to each sector of a company, big or small. However, utilizing all this sophisticated CRM has to offer takes training, and the benefits of obtaining a Salesforce Certification are innumerable. Read on to learn how this revolutionary technology is changing businesses and opening doors for professionals. 

The Benefits of Salesforce

The advantages of using a complex CRM like Salesforce are too many to count. Not only does it offer holistic avenues to manage customer relationships, but CRMs can also improve overall productivity for the entire company. Below are just a few of the benefits that set Salesforce apart. 

Salesforce Isn’t Just a Sales Tool

The uses of a CRM extends well beyond sales division to benefit marketing, business development, recruiting, customer service, IT, and the list goes on. CRMs allow all areas of a company to leverage external relationships and interactions. Salesforce provides a centralized location where data can be gathered from sales, social media, marketing, customer service, technical support, and other business areas. That data can then be utilized by anyone from supply chain workers to human resources to provide a variety of benefits to the business.

Data Leads the Way

Data influences every aspect of a business’s success. Since Salesforce runs in a cloud environment, customer data is accessible by anyone in the organization from anywhere. The advanced data tracking from Salesforce allows companies to create targeted marketing campaigns, which cultivate future sales and provide an understanding of the total customer experience. 

Salesforce’s capabilities fuel a variety of business tools such as marketing automation, email campaigns, and social media ads. These tools can help turn prospects into customers and aid in cultivating repeat sales from existing customers. The data can also be utilized in sales forecasts, which help to determine the best customer demographics for targeted marketing campaigns.

Untapping Your Salesforce Potential

Used properly, a CRM maximizes profitability at every touchpoint. With its growing capabilities, Salesforce is a multifaceted system with endless opportunities for integration and functionality. The best way to learn how to utilize the valuable services provided by Salesforce effectively is to enroll in training classes. 

Salesforce Training

Introductory Salesforce classes encapsulate information typically used by sales representatives, administrators, and power users. Sales representatives will learn how to create a basic environment, use the interface, optimize sales leads, manage contacts, build and maintain customer accounts, cultivate the opportunity pipeline, create sales emails, and work with reporting dashboards. Power users will learn how to create and configure user interfaces, setup search settings, work with advanced opportunity features, manage list views, create and publish reports, and manage sales activity modules.

Salesforce IT Certifications

Additionally, more technical classes are offered, which encompass information more beneficial to administrators and architects who are tasked with building and maintaining Salesforce CRM implementations. IT professionals tasked with administering Salesforce cloud environments will need to be well versed in subjects such as security, data models, SMART admin principles, user authentication and authorization, and how to perform system health checks. The Administrator, Advanced Administrator, CPQ Specialist, Marketing Cloud Administrator, and Platform App Builder are the Salesforce certifications currently being offered. Taking classes will be a tremendous help in passing the necessary exams required to obtain these certifications.

Salesforce is truly a force to be reckoned with, and understanding how to take advantage of all it has to offer can benefit every employee in an organization. CRMs aid in managing the entire customer experience facilitating efficiency gains in sales, marketing, forecasting, reporting, logistics, and strategic decision making. From those just looking to learn the ropes of Salesforce to dedicated CRM masters looking to advance their positions, ONLC offers training classes that can unlock your potential. Contact us to learn more!

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