Knowing your way around Microsoft Excel is a good skill to master for any job. It’s likely one of the most widely used, if not the most widely used business software today. So while complete mastery may not be required for your occupation, gaining the ability to navigate it easily is definitely worth your time. […]


In December 2012, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Technology Associate certification program was being opened to the public. Providing IT fundamentals in three different career paths (IT, Infrastructure, and Database), MTA certification builds a solid foundation for a career in IT. How MTA Certification Works The MTA certification validates 80% knowledge and 20% skills through a […]


With so many degrees and certifications available, it can be difficult to know which career paths require what training programs. Students (whether new or continuing education) interested in a career in IT should consider a Cisco certification to validate and showcase knowledge of Cisco networking systems. Cisco Certification Levels and Paths Cisco offers five levels […]


As a developer or programmer, you’re expected to not only be competent, but to be a master when it comes to key competencies like Java. For some companies, keeping their employees at the forefront of these competencies is a priority, as it well should be. It boosts employee morale, makes employees feel valued and not […]

adobe cloud subscription ONLC

“It’s all a bit confusing, but our official recommendation is to stick with the retail versions unless you only plan on using your Adobe product for under two years,” wrote Lifehacker contributor Whitson Gordon in 2012 when Adobe first released its cloud subscription services. “The subscription is great for the short run (that is, if […]


According to an Adobe blog post published on June 19, 2015, by Senior Marketing Director Scott Morris, “The 2015 release of Creative Cloud delivers on that vision of a creative platform that lets you work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices—with deep integration between our mobile apps and our desktop apps, a connected assets-based workflow, […]

Technology evolves quickly—it seems at the speed of light—and we assume that everybody keeps up to date. While some have had years of experience with applications like Microsoft Excel, others have not. Many business majors learn to use Microsoft Excel as part of their curriculum but most degree programs do not require Excel proficiency. Those […]