The world of computer science and information technology (IT) is one of the most fast-paced fields you can enter. Technology is always evolving, with new-and-improved software and functionalities that can render a bachelor’s or even master’s degree in related fields outdated within a year or two. 

This is why hiring managers place heavier weight on applicants who have up-to-date IT certifications, including the CompTIA Network+ training and certificate. The Network+ certificate gives you a competitive edge when applying for positions in the IT field, including help desk technicians and network analysts. 

While a course isn’t required in order to take the Network+ exam, it only has a pass rate of 70%. You can learn Network+ on your own, but studying alone may not be enough to help you pass the exam or feel prepared for on-the-job scenarios you’ll face.


What Is the Network+ Certification?

The CompTIA Network+ certification is an IT certification exam that proves you have the skills and knowledge in networking that is necessary to develop a career in IT infrastructure. This certificate validates that you have the skills needed to troubleshoot, configure, and manage wired or wireless networks. It is a professional-level understanding of developing technologies, including virtualization and cloud technologies.

This certification can be helpful if you are looking at careers in the IT field, including:

  • Network analyst
  • System engineer
  • Help desk technician
  • Computer technician
  • Network support specialist
  • IT consultant
  • Junior network engineer
  • Network field engineer
  • Network administrator


As new technologies continue to emerge and network capabilities expand, new jobs will follow. With a Network+ certificate, you are prepared for the shifts and growth in the IT field.


How Difficult Is the Exam?

The average pass rate for the Network+ certification exam is between 70% and 80%, leaning towards the lower end of that range. It’s difficult to get an exact figure because CompTIA doesn’t release their average passing rate for any of their exams.

Certificate holders claim you have a higher chance of passing the exam if you study with the best CompTIA Network+ study guide and focus on the objectives in the exam. But what does the CompTIA Network+ cover

This exam is recommended for individuals early in their tech career, usually with a minimum of nine to twelve months of hands-on experience working in a junior network administrator or network support role. The questions vary in format, from performance-based to multiple choice.


The exam will ensure you have the following skills and knowledge:

  • Support the creation of virtualized networks
  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Implement network security standards and protocols
  • Identify drawbacks and benefits of existing network configurations
  • Design and implement functional networks
  • Use of devices (switches and routers) to segment network traffic
  • Use of devices to create resilient networks


The Network+ exam includes a maximum of ninety questions covering these topics:

  • Networking concepts
  • Infrastructure
  • Network operations
  • Network security
  • Network troubleshooting


If you are completely new to the tech industry and don’t have the hands-on experience to prepare you for self-study, you have options. CompTIA recommends you take the CompTIA A+ certificate to learn the foundational knowledge to prepare you for the Network+ certification.


Prepare for Network+ With ONLC

The CompTIA A+ certificate is not your only option if you don’t have the on-the-job experience to prepare you for the Network+ exam. ONLC is an authorized CompTIA partner that provides training and classes to help prepare you for any CompTIA exam.

Along with your training, CompTIA courses through ONLC include a free exam voucher (valued at $439) and free exam prep software. These training sessions are thorough and prepare you for the exam and your career.

We offer two ways to learn: instructor-led training or on-demand training. Our high-impact live classes are led by an experienced instructor, providing you with in-depth training and hands-on labs and exercises to ensure you are ready for that next big step in your career.

ONLC also offers CompTIA group training, which allows for your employees or group to complete learning solutions quickly to successfully gain certification. These trainings are available through the public class schedule or by private sessions delivered virtually or in-person at your site.

If you want to pass the Network+ exam on your first try, you need more than flashcards. With ONLC, you can work with real experts, gain meaningful insights, and experience that applies to your career. If you’re ready to take the leap, check out our updated class schedule today!

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