With cybersecurity becoming a major aspect of IT thanks to an ever-increasing amount of cybersecurity threats, there’s never been a better time to become CompTIA Security+C certified. 

Below, we’ll discuss what score you need to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam, the challenges facing students who wish to obtain the CompTIA Security+ certification, and how ONLC’s Security Plus certification training is second to none when it comes to creating a comprehensive and interactive learning environment. 

How Is the CompTIA Security+ Exam Scored?

Unlike many exams, the CompTIA Security+ exam is not scored with a percentage. Instead, you will receive a score somewhere between 100 and 900. The minimum passing score is 750. 

When viewed as a percentage, this is just above 80%. However, it should be noted that CompTIA Security+ is proprietary and CompTIA does not provide information on how scores are calculated or tell you whether certain questions bear more weight in scoring. Therefore, don’t assume that if you answer 80% of the questions correctly, you’ll receive a passing grade. 

No official statistics provided by CompTIA, but it’s estimated that first-timers who did not attend a training course have a failure rate above 50%. It is not uncommon for a candidate to take the test multiple times.

What Makes the Exam So Hard?

Many students wonder how hard the CompTIA Security Plus exam is. At face value, the test may sound simple—after all, it only contains ninety questions. That being said, this is the world’s leading cybersecurity certificate exam and is the preferred certification of most governments and corporations. 

Because of the intensity of the knowledge required to pass the exam and the fact that you’ll only have ninety minutes to take the test, this can lead to a lot of pressure. Many of the questions are worded in a manner that will deliberately attempt to trip you up, and many answers may sound like the correct answer when there is actually an answer that is ‘more correct.’

Lastly, because cybersecurity is an ever-evolving world with constant software updates and new products being released every day, the CompTIA Security+ exam is updated every few years in order to maintain its status as the most sought-after cybersecurity certification.

What Help Does ONLC Provide?

Unlike most online and classroom environments filled with many students, ONLC’s courses are designed with student questions and instructor assistance in mind. Our class sizes are small, with typically no more than twelve students at a time, and classes are offered at hundreds of training sites around the United States or remotely from your home.

This allows our instructors to be available for questions at a moment’s notice. You’ll find that not only can you hear the instructor, but you’ll also have the ability to hear other students’ questions as well as the instructor’s responses.

Lastly, because our courses are both instructional and interactive, you’ll have the ability to work on problems while the instructor looks on and checks your work. Don’t understand a specific task? Let our instructor take control of your computer and watch as they guide you to the correct answer or sequence of actions necessary to complete the task.

In Summary

CompTIA Security+ exam is a difficult test aiming to prove that everyone who passes it is fully prepared to navigate the complicated world of cybersecurity. Not to worry if you don’t succeed on your first attempt, though–the CompTIA Security Plus exam can be attempted multiple times, and while many cybersecurity experts love to brag how they passed this dreaded exam on their first try, it’s not uncommon for test-takers to need a few attempts.

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