While CompTIA doesn’t release their official average pass rates for their certificates, anecdotal evidence suggests that only between 70% and 80% of examinees pass the CompTIA Network+ exam. While the exam is intended for those early on in their careers as information technology (IT) professionals, foundational knowledge and hands-on experience can be what determines whether you pass or fail the exam.

CompTIA recommends those taking the Network+ exam either complete the CompTIA A+ certification or have between nine and twelve months of hands-on experience working in a junior network administrator or network support technician job role before taking the exam. Still, these are not the only options that can prepare you for Network+.

You can learn Network+ on your own, but without hands-on experience, you won’t get very far. Luckily, ONLC is an authorized CompTIA partner and offers both in-person and online CompTIA Network+ courses

With a qualified, expert instructor guiding you through the foundational knowledge and leading engaging labs that simulate real-life experiences, you can be prepared for the Network+ exam and your career.


Topics Covered in Network+

The exam is divided into several categories, each making up a certain percentage of the exam’s questions. Here are the topics addressed in the Network+ exam:


  • Networking fundamentals: This section makes up approximately 24% of the exam. Examinees should be able to explain basic networking concepts, such as network services, physical connections, topologies, and cloud connectivity.


  • Networking implementations: This section makes up about 19% of the exam. You should be able to explain routing technologies and networking devices, deploy ethernet solutions, and configure wireless technologies.


  • Network operations: This section makes up nearly 16% of the exam. Examinees are expected to be able to monitor and optimize networks to ensure business continuity.


  • Network security: This section is approximately 19% of the exam. You need to be able to explain security concepts and network attacks to harden networks against external threats.


  • Network troubleshooting and tools: This section is 22% of the exam. You need to be able to troubleshoot common cable, connectivity, and software issues related to networking.


All of these questions can come in the form of different questions types, such as multiple choice or performance-based.


Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Pass

The Network+ certificate is an entry to mid-level certification exam that focuses on network installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting. This certificate verifies that you have essential skills and knowledge in:


  • Networking concepts
  • Network types (LAN and WAN)
  • Topologies
  • Functions of the OSI model
  • TCP and IP addressing


This is an incredible building block for your career because it is one of the foundational exams you can take to develop a strong knowledge base on network principles.


The Test Format

The Network+ exam is about ninety minutes long and has a maximum of ninety questions. The questions on the exam range from multiple choice to performance-based questions, which is why it’s important to get hands-on experience when preparing for the exam.

Most study guides will either drill you on concepts, definitions, and maybe provide you with a comprehension quiz at the end of each section. However, the exam isn’t 100% definitions and comprehension; you need to know how to apply these terms and concepts. 


Tips to Pass the Exam

Some examinees will have nearly two years of critical, hands-on experience working as a network support technician while others are relying on online courses without lab experience. Because this exam is geared towards both beginners and intermediate-level IT professionals, you might take a different approach than others to prepare yourself.



If you are new to the IT industry, CompTIA recommends you take the CompTIA A+ certification pathway before attempting Network+, but this isn’t a requirement. CompTIA A+ can provide you with valuable foundational knowledge that will help with Network+.

We recommend enrolling in a Network+ certification course that bundles with the cost of the exam and other related study materials, like ONLC. ONLC provides both in-person and virtual Network+ certification classes led by a qualified instructor. You can achieve hands-on experience while learning foundational knowledge that can best prepare you for the exam.



If you already have on-the-job experience or completed the CompTIA A+, refining your skills and gaining meaningful insights from an expert instructor can help you pass the Network+ on the first try.

Most Network+ programs don’t include the fee for the exam (which typically costs around $358 US dollars) or study materials, which can also be costly. ONLC bundles a hands-on, engaging Network+ course with additional study prep materials and the cost of the exam. ONLC is an authorized CompTIA partner, so you’re guaranteed to gain meaningful insights that prepare you for the exam and your future career! 

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