If you’re considering pursuing ITIL® certification, you’re likely wondering how much time it will take to prepare for the exam and achieve your certification goals. The duration of your ITIL® journey can vary depending on several factors, including your prior knowledge, the specific certification level you’re aiming for, and your study approach. In this guide, we’ll break down the different levels of ITIL® certification and provide an estimate of the time it typically takes to prepare for each level.

ITIL® Foundation Level

Estimated Time: 20-30 hours of study

The ITIL® Foundation level is the entry-level certification that introduces you to the fundamental concepts of ITIL®. It provides a solid understanding of ITIL® principles, terminology, and processes. For most individuals with little or no prior ITIL® knowledge, dedicating 20-30 hours of focused study is typically sufficient to prepare for and pass the ITIL® Foundation exam. Many candidates opt for self-paced online courses or study guides to achieve this.

ITIL® Intermediate Level

Estimated Time: 3-6 months per module

The ITIL® Intermediate level offers a deeper dive into ITIL® processes and practices. It consists of multiple modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of ITIL®. The time required to complete an Intermediate module can vary depending on your prior knowledge and the complexity of the module. On average, candidates spend 3-6 months per module, including study and exam preparation. If you’re pursuing multiple Intermediate certifications, plan your schedule accordingly.

ITIL® Expert Level

Estimated Time: 18-24 months (including Intermediate and Managing Professional)

To achieve ITIL® Expert status, you’ll need to accumulate credits from both the Intermediate and Managing Professional levels. This typically involves completing a combination of modules and achieving the required credits. Since this is an advanced level of certification, it can take around 18-24 months or longer to attain ITIL® Expert status. The exact time depends on your pace, commitment, and the number of modules you choose to complete.

ITIL® Master Level

Estimated Time: Highly variable

The ITIL® Master level is the highest level of ITIL® certification and is achieved through a practical assessment. The time it takes to become an ITIL® Master varies widely among candidates. It’s highly dependent on your experience, your ability to apply ITIL® principles in real-world scenarios, and the preparation required for the assessment. This level is not about classroom study but rather practical application of ITIL® concepts in your professional role.

In summary, the time it takes to study ITIL® depends on your starting point, your certification goals, and your dedication to the process. Whether you’re aiming for the Foundation, Intermediate, Expert, or Master level, setting a clear study plan, seeking appropriate training resources, and staying committed to your learning journey are key factors in your success. Remember that ITIL® is not just about passing exams but also about improving IT service management practices in your organization, which can bring long-term benefits to your career and your company.

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