CompTIA A+ certification training is helpful if you want to succeed in the IT industry. What is a CompTIA certification? The credential verifies a candidate’s familiarity with security concepts, risk management, and network security practices. 


It shows potential employers that applicants have the foundational knowledge and skills to perform a comprehensive range of entry-level IT support services. A+ certification is also a prerequisite for several other higher-level CompTIA certifications.


What does A+ certification cover? The A+ certification consists of two separate exams, the 220-1101 exam, and the 220-1102 exam. The 220-1101 exam covers the following:


  • Hardware
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Networking


The 220-1102 exam includes the following:


  • Security
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Operational procedures
  • Operating systems


How Long Does It Take to Study and Prepare?


Studying for ten to fifteen hours each week should prepare you for the examinations in three to five months. However, if you are new to the field and need more experience, it may take you longer. If you work or attend school full-time, you should spend at least one year working toward CompTIA’s A+ certification.


You don’t need to attend any special courses or training sessions to be eligible to take the exams. But attending classes can be beneficial to help you prepare for the test.


ONLC offers courses and reviews materials that industry experts have developed. Our courses correspond with exam objectives, ensuring you are confident in all relevant topics. Our instructors present accurate, up-to-date information and applicable real-world scenarios based on their own experience in the field.


You can supplement your studies with textbooks, videos, and sample examinations. We recommend you use multiple resources to strengthen your knowledge and gain exposure to new perspectives. The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide by Mike Meyers and the CompTIA A+ Comprehensive Study Guide by Quentin Docter, Jon Buhagiar, and Emmett Dulaney are just a few of our most highly-rated resources.


How Long Are the Examinations?


Each examination takes ninety minutes. Depending on the availability of your local testing facility or online testing platform, you can schedule the exams on the same day or close together in the same week. 


You can take the exam in person or online. Candidates who take the exam in person at a Pearson Virtual University Enterprises (VUE) testing center must bring two forms of identification. Taking the test online can be convenient. You need a peaceful, private space with a stable internet connection.


Go through all the questions carefully, and if you need help knowing the answer, make an educated guess because there is no penalty for incorrect answers. Any unanswered question results in a loss of points, but a guess has a chance of being correct. 


How Do You Receive the Certification?


A provisional result reflecting whether you passed or failed each exam will be sent immediately after completion. This is a preliminary result that is still pending CompTIA’s final evaluation.


You can expect to get your official score report from CompTIA or the testing center (Pearson VUE) via email within a few days after taking the examinations. The score report will detail how you fared on each test section.


After you have passed both exams and CompTIA has finished reviewing your application, they will email you that you have obtained the A+ certification. In addition, your digital certification badge and certificate will be emailed to you.


You can access your digital certificate and certification badge under your CompTIA account’s “Certifications” section. These resources are yours to download and for your online portfolio, CV, and LinkedIn profile. You may be able to get a hard copy of your certificate, depending on your location.  


How Long is the Certification Validity?


Your A+ accreditation will expire in three years. To renew your certification, you must undergo twenty hours of CompTIA’s CE program and earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This can be accomplished through various activities, such as:


  • Completing approved training courses
  • Attending conferences
  • Obtaining other IT certifications
  • Participating in relevant work experience


You can also go through CompTIA’s CertMaster CE. This is a specialized solution designed to streamline the certification renewal process. With CertMaster CE, you can take technical courses about the latest developments in the IT sector relevant to your certification. 


Sign up for ONLC’s expert-led CompTIA A+ training today to boost your IT team’s skills and productivity!

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