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One of the most in-demand tech careers out there is Data Science. This term refers to the skills one needs to have in order to gather, process, analyze, and communicate data results to a target audience to achieve a specific goal. Now more than ever, data science skills are important if one wants to advance their career in not just the technology sector, but in general business as well. Let’s look at some of the different data science learning skills that can benefit executives and others in today’s data-driven environment. 

Data Conversion and Manipulation

Sometimes gathering loosely associated data from multiple sources can be messy. Being able to formulate algorithms to clean data is a valuable skill. Powerful tools, such as Splunk, are essential to data conversion and manipulation. Splunk is a suite of tools that can be utilized to transform data into a more valuable resource.

Communication and Visualization

After converting the data into a usable format, the ability to be able to present the results to an audience is critical. Reports, charts, graphs, and other visualizations are all important tools to be leveraged in the process of communicating the meaning of the data collected. Two powerful data visualization and reporting tools are Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. A good understanding of one or both tools would be very valuable.

Software Development

The ability to build graphical user interfaces, backend interfaces, or web services for the purpose of gathering and managing data is definitely a very valuable skill. It might not be needed by upper-level executives, but it is always a good thing to have a basic understanding of how data flows from start to finish. Microsoft Visual Studio and C# are technologies that can be combined to create powerful user interfaces and web services. Software can transform data and keep its input streamlined and clean to prevent large volumes of data cleanup workup on the back end after it has made its way into the database.


A good understanding of statistical analysis is vital to extract the meaning of data. One of the best statistical analysis tools out there is Microsoft Excel, so gathering knowledge of how to wield the statistical analysis tools provided by Excel would be very valuable.

Structured Query Language

SQL is used by most of the top database management tools on the market, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. At least a basic understanding of how to design and formulate SQL queries is absolutely required to being able to work with data in the business environment.


Presentation tools such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel can be used to communicate the results of data analysis to large groups. This augments their understanding of the data at a high level so the audience doesn’t have to dig into the details themselves. Being able to effectively communicate the information gained from gathering data is critical.

Some of these data methods are not easy to master, but they are all worthwhile skills to add to the arsenal in today’s ever-changing business and technology environment. The best and easiest way to obtain these skills is to get quality training. There is no better way to get training than by enrolling in classes provided by a reputable training company built on solid results. Why not contact ONLC today to begin the process of honing your data skills and advancing your career?

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