Over the last decade, the cybersecurity world has exploded thanks to a perfect storm of new internet-connected devices and thousands of new types of software. Each of these create a potential new vulnerability to be breached or exploited for gain. 

The CompTIA Security+ certification exam in cybersecurity can be daunting. While there are no official figures, it’s estimated that the failure rate is above 50% for first-time candidates. Due to this fearsome reputation, many prospective students wonder if they can retake the exam. Luckily, they can–read on as we discuss how often you may attempt the exam, what students find most challenging, and ways to improve your score by taking a CompTIA Security+ course.

What Makes the Exam So Hard?

This exam is difficult because it’s the gold standard. The CompTIA Security+ exam allows you to obtain the number one certification most requested by defense and corporate professionals the world over, and any exam that opens those kinds of doors isn’t going to be a simple one. This is reflected in the exam’s ability to trip up and trick readers into choosing answers that may be correct but not the ‘most correct.’ 

Because of the aforementioned storm of new devices and software, protecting an enterprise environment with thousands of employees—each a potential vulnerability—is no small task. Because of this, CompTIA must update the exam every few years to meet with standards set forth by the United States Department of Defense. 

Because these updates are comprehensive, someone who passed the last iteration of the exam would almost certainly fail the latest exam if they were not well prepared. 

Lastly, when it comes to the CompTIA Security+ passing percentage, while what constitutes a passing score is public knowledge, the scoring system is proprietary. This means that though the exam has ninety questions, one question may be worth more points than another, and it’s impossible to know which. 

Retaking the Exam

Of course, there is a chance that you won’t pass the exam on your first try. Thankfully, CompTIA is somewhat friendly when it comes to failing the exam–it will provide a summary of your score in each area of the exam so you’ll know where you’re falling short and what to focus on. 

After your first exam failure, you may retake the test again immediately. However, it should be noted that you will need to pay the fee again, which is $370. If you fail the exam a second time, you’re required to wait fourteen days before you can try again. For each subsequent attempt, you’ll need to wait fourteen more days. 

Increase Your Chances of Success

Some people wonder whether CompTIA Security+ is for beginners. While you can technically enter the course with no prior experience, it doesn’t hurt to come in with some additional certifications under your belt. 

ONLC is here to offer comprehensive courses designed to help you not only memorize, but fully understand the topics of cybersecurity that are necessary to pass the exam and obtain your CompTIA Security+ certification. 

Our classes can be taken at one of hundreds of training facilities across the U.S. or at home from your computer. ONLC classes are instructor-led and, unlike other online courses, are interactive. Students are able to ask questions of the instructor, and not only will the instructor be able to see what the student is working on, they are able to take control of the student’s screen to demonstrate techniques and tools in real time. 

ONLC classes average only around twelve people, so there is plenty of time for the one-on-one attention that many students require.

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