Changes have come to the CompTIA A+ Certification exams as of January 2019. Probably the first thing that you’ll notice is the numbers have changed. I know some of you probably had questions about the numbering scheme since we were ticking down from the old 3-digit pattern at the end of the exam title. Well, CompTIA kept right on rolling and added a fourth digit. The new exams are named 220-1001 and 220-1002. Problem solved. With that information out of the way, let’s talk about some of the other important changes that matter most.

First, the 220-1001 exam is simply being updated instead of receiving a complete overhaul. Its content will focus more on modern hardware technologies including 3D printing, gaming systems, and solid-state hard drive management. The exam now includes updated information on modern technologies as opposed to functioning as a complete rewrite.

The second exam, 220-1002, will focus mainly on operating systems, their end-of-life identification, and their update limitations as they grow older. Security is also emphasized since it is an ever-growing concern in modern computing technology. Some entirely new concepts are also being introduced that include compliance and regulations adherence. Operational procedures and aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation will also be covered. Additionally, there will be a section that focuses heavily on scripting languages and will be aimed at developer roles. Including a basic programming skills review in your exam preparation would be a good idea. Concepts such as loops and Boolean math might be good concepts to brush up on as well.

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Some of the subjects included in the exams will be weighted differently in the 1000 exams than they were in the 900 series. A few new areas of expertise will also be added. Below is a list of select changes in concept weights.

  • Emerging Technologies is a new subject that will be included this year, and it amounts to around one percent of the exam.
  • Service operations increased to around 19 percent of the exam, which is up from around seven percent in the 900 series.
  • The focus on software decreases to around 19 percent from the previous exam’s 33 percent.
  • Since security is now more important than ever, it garners 21 percent of the exam, which is almost double the percentage on the 900 series.
  • Due to the increased focus on data storage and security, data concepts now cover around six percent of the exam. Data technology is a new concept on the 1000 series.
  • While hardware and infrastructure are still a large part of the exam, it has been decreased from 50 percent of the 900 series to around 34 percent of the 1000 series.

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