For entry-level IT specialists, few credentials compare to CompTIA’s A+. What is a CompTIA certification? It’s a vendor-neutral, entry-level certification that validates an individual’s foundational knowledge and skills in information technology, including computer hardware and software, networking, and troubleshooting.


What does A+ certification cover? CompTIA A+ is split into two exams, 220-1101 and 220-1102, covering: mobile devices, networking, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing, operating systems, software troubleshooting, operational procedures, and security.


New network administrators, system administrators, and help desk technicians must undergo CompTIA A+ certification training to do well in the exams. 


How Much Time Do You Need to Study?


On average, you should be ready in three to four months if you can devote ten to fifteen hours a week to studying for the CompTIA A+ 220-1101 and 220-1102. It entails consistent studying and preparation, including time spent reviewing study materials, reading exam-related resources, taking practice tests, and engaging in hands-on lab exercises. If you have prior experience with or knowledge of the topics covered, you can reduce the time you need to study for the exams.


Everyone has their own study habits and learning style. Thus, the time it takes to feel confident will vary from person to person. However, CompTIA recommends that candidates have at least nine to twelve months of hands-on experience in a lab or field before taking the exam. 


Each exam has a maximum of ninety questions you must answer in ninety minutes. You can take them online or at a Pearson VUE testing location. You can schedule your exam whenever it is convenient for you.


Tips to Optimize Your Learning 


Understand What’s Expected of You


Navigating a snowstorm without information about the road conditions ahead is akin to taking an exam with no knowledge of the topics that will be covered. Understanding the exam objectives will allow you to focus on your studies and prepare better. You should assess what you currently know, what you still need to learn, and what areas you need to study.


Create a Study Plan


Create a schedule for each certification topic and set clear targets for your progress. CompTIA A+ test participants come from many walks of life and have varying levels of IT experience. The degree and quality of experience you’ve gained in computer hardware and software significantly impact the gap between what you know and what you don’t. While some exam takers may require little preparation, others must devote significant time and effort to study. 


Enroll in an Instructor-Led Course


Instructor-led courses are taught by IT experts with extensive skills and experience. They can offer advice, answer questions, and provide real-world examples to help you better understand the course material. In addition, the structured learning environment lets you stay on track with your studies, providing a clear path to completion.


Use Multiple Resources


Consider using a combination of study materials such as textbooks, online courses, video lectures, and practice exams to reinforce your comprehension of the themes and get new insights. Many tools from CompTIA are available, including study guides, virtual laboratories, and videos. These materials are self-paced, allowing you to study while juggling other obligations such as school or work.


Get More Hands-on Experience


Use real-world hardware and software, virtualization, and cloud environments to practice your knowledge. There are performance-based questions on the A+ exams, so you can apply what you’ve learned in actual situations. With your hands-on experience, you will feel more at ease with these questions and improve your overall performance on the exam.


Take Practice Exams


Take mock tests frequently to gauge your progress and pinpoint subject areas needing more study time. Practice exams will help you get acquainted with the exam format and timing. 


Final Thoughts


The time needed to study for the CompTIA A+ certification exam depends on prior knowledge, hands-on experience, and learning style. However, with the right resources and self-discipline, you can achieve success in a reasonable timeframe.


CompTIA A+ certification can help you improve your IT support services’ overall quality and efficiency. Your a+ certified team will be more efficient and able to address issues faster and with fewer errors. Contact ONLC to learn how you can upskill them today!

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