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Most business accounting professionals have at least heard of Intuit’s QuickBooks software. It has been the leading accounting software for all sizes of business for many years. It is estimated that 75 to 80 percent of all businesses use QuickBooks in some capacity. What many don’t know is that QuickBooks does more than just help you reconcile your company’s checkbook. Let’s look at some other functionality QuickBooks provides in addition to managing debits and credits.

Order Management Integration

QuickBooks online ordering system helps you organize and manage wholesale orders. It’s an online order portal that allows your sales reps, staff, and customers to place orders 24/7 that automatically updates your back-end systems.

Tips and Reminders for New Users

QuickBooks provides helpful notes and reminders in the form of pop-up messages when you first begin using the program. However, after you’ve seen and acknowledged the pop-up, you never see it again. What you might not know is that you can turn the reminders back on so they can provide helpful guidance when needed. You can click the “Bring back all one-time messages” option in the general preferences section in the main preferences menu to turn them on again. This is especially helpful for new hires who aren’t familiar with QuickBooks and weren’t present for the first time the messages appeared.

Multiple Product List

If you’re adding new products and they all have similar descriptions or other pieces of information, you can add them in list/batch mode to save time. This allows you to add multiple products at once without entering the same information for each one individually. Just click on the “Lists” menu and then select “Add/Edit Multiple Entries”.

Customize Reports

QuickBooks provides tons of pre-written reports. Most people won’t use every report provided by QuickBooks, and some of the reports include more information than you need. Rather than having to modify each report after they are generated, you can click the “Prompt Me to Modify Report Options” under the “Preferences” -> “Report” menu. This allows you to customize the report before it is generated instead of having to modify it after the fact.

Multiple Versions

In the old days, there was only one version of QuickBooks, and it performed mostly generic accounting operations. Today there are several different versions that are customized for different types of businesses. It comes preloaded with the types of reports and forms that you will need for your business. Do a little research before purchasing your copy of QuickBooks to make sure there isn’t a version customized for your vertical market.

Business System Integration

QuickBooks is now directly integrated with hundreds of other types of business applications. You can import data directly into QuickBooks from your contact management, sales, online ordering, or other business applications. You can quickly find applications that provide QuickBooks integration by visiting the Apps for QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks App Store.

Mobile App for QuickBooks

This free app can be downloaded to provide access to the most popular QuickBooks functionality while on the go. It allows you to accept customer payments, view customer information, manage invoices and receipts, and process credit card transactions just to name a few options.


Add Your Credit Card Accounts

All QuickBooks users know that you can add your checking accounts to QuickBooks and use it to reconcile your accounts and perform most all your banking procedures. What some don’t know is that no matter what version of QuickBooks you’re using you can also add your credit card accounts. There is also no limit to the number of credit card accounts you can add.


QuickBooks is the total package when it comes to managing your small to medium and possibly even large business finances. Most people only scratch the surface of what it can really do. If you’re considering buying a new application or subscribing to an online service to handle a piece of your business, you might want to do some research to find out if QuickBooks already provides that functionality. Chances are you can save some money since you already have QuickBooks and it probably even does a better job than the other apps and services that you might be considering.

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