Competition for jobs in the Information Technology (IT) industry has become quite stiff, forcing IT specialists to find better ways to remain relevant and competitive. One of the effective ways to increase your chances of getting a good IT job and growing your career in this industry is to get a CompTIA A+ certificate.

To get this certification, you need CompTIA A+ certification training. After this training, you’ll sit for an exam to test your eligibility for the certification. Therefore, you have to study this course carefully to pass the exam. You also need to understand the best way to study for CompTIA A+ and the most effective tips on how to pass the CompTIA A+ exam.

But why is CompTIA A+ certification necessary, and how common is it? The truth is that this certification can catapult your career in the IT industry as it separates professionals from amateurs. Although having a CompTIA A+ certificate is not mandatory, it’s the best way to prove your professionalism and dedication to your work to potential employers.

What Is CompTIA A+?

CompTIA A+ is a certificate offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)–an international association certifying IT industry experts. This association provides a wide range of certifications, including A+, an entry-level certificate for IT experts looking to grow their careers in this industry.

As mentioned above, you need to pass a CompTIA A+ exam to get this certificate. This exam is prepared by IT professionals who have been in the industry long enough to understand all its important aspects. Therefore, expect the exam to be quite taxing. It’s a set of two exams: a multiple-choice exam and a performance-based exam.

You’ll be tested on various areas, including repairing PCs, troubleshooting, and solving problems related to networking, operating systems, security, and mobile devices. So, ensure that your CompTIA A+ training covers all these areas.

A CompTIA A+ certificate allows you to succeed as an IT support specialist, helpdesk technician, field technician, tier I support specialist, desktop support specialist, associate network engineer, systems support technician, or junior systems admin.

How Popular Is CompTIA A+ Certification?

The main reason why IT specialists go for CompTIA A+ certification is to show potential employers that they have in-depth knowledge of the cutting-edge basics of computer hardware and software. This is important because every employer wants to be sure that the specialists they’re working with have the needed skills, knowledge, and experience.

Therefore, although a CompTIA A+ certificate isn’t a requirement for getting hired in the IT sector, it sets you apart from other IT experts. Therefore, this certification is a perfect starting point if you want to excel in the IT industry. That’s why it has become so popular among IT experts.

Currently, there are over one million IT experts who hold a CompTIA A+ certificate in the world. Therefore, earning this certificate will put you in the league of the few IT professionals building their careers on this certification.

About 68% of CompTIA-certified professionals in the IT industry have CompTIA A+ certification. When you’re going for a CompTIA A+ certificate, make sure you understand the usefulness of the certificate and identify the skills you want to acquire and your overall career goals.

Lastly, to pass your CompTIA A+ exam, you must study hard and train with the best. With ONLC, you’ll be offered the most relevant courses and practical tips on excelling in your CompTIA A+ exam. This course covers all exam topics to prepare you for the test. Talk to ONLC today to learn more about their CompTIA A+ classes!

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