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An effective way to prove one’s ability to be an AutoCAD professional is to obtain an Autodesk AutoCAD Professional Certification. The certification will prove to prospective employers the skills, training, and determination to be a productive employee.

The best way to earn certification is to enroll in an established training program from a reputable training company such as ONLC. ONLC is well known for computer classes and IT training, in addition to providing different bundles for AutoCAD certifications as well as on-demand materials. Let’s look at the 5 steps involved in the training program that will provide participants with the knowledge required to earn an AutoCAD Pro Certification.

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Take the Basic and Intermediate Training Classes

Both training classes are included in the AutoCAD Certification bundles provided by ONLC for the Autodesk Certified User (ACU) and the Autodesk Certified AutoCAD Professional (ACP) certifications. The only prior knowledge required is that participants be able to use a computer proficiently.

Add the Advanced Training Class for Pro

Students can earn their ACU as part of the trek to obtaining a pro cert because the same information is covered in both certification sequences. However, the ACU is not required before earning the ACP. To receive the ACP, students simply need to add on the advanced class to cover the extra information required to earn the pro certification.

Utilize the Authorized ACP Study Guide

One of the great advantages of the ONLC training bundle is receiving training materials at a discount. The materials are cheaper, but participants also have the benefit of working with a skilled instructor to explain the material, which can be invaluable to some students. Not everyone can buy the materials and be diligent enough to study and absorb the information on their own.

Take Practice Exams

One of the most important self-study materials provided in the certification bundle is access to practice exams. These practice exams will test that students have adequately absorbed the training provided by the classes. Furthermore, the practice exams provide a better idea of the types of questions that will be on the actual exam. The practice tests will also help students pinpoint areas where knowledge might be deficient.

Use the ACP Exam Voucher

At the end of training, students will receive an exam voucher. Students can then schedule the exam and use the voucher to pay for it. This is included in the ONLC certification training bundle, so the training fee pays out for participants immediately.

ONLC ranks as one of the top 20 training providers in the world. ONLC provides instructor-led classes which can be taken at one of their 300+ training center locations or online from anywhere. Most courses provide instructor-led training or on-demand training materials that students can use on their own. They also map out the training paths for the top certifications and guide your through the entire process.

Contact ONLC today to find out how to become a Certified AutoCAD Professional.

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