Getting a certification of any kind is never a bad idea. However, some are more lucrative and/or prestigious than others. If you’re a technical professional working in the Microsoft world, hardly any certification is as highly prized as an MCSD – Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. Let’s take a look at some of the positions you will be qualified to hold with an MCSD Certification on your resume.

Software Developer

This a fairly generic term, but you will be qualified to hold the position of Developer in several different areas. You could become a Backend Systems Developer, Web Developer, Windows Developer, or Database Developer. After having obtained your MCSD, you should be able to create software applications on several different platforms from start to finish.

Software Engineer / Architect

A Software Developer can build a software application from analysis and specifications, but an Engineer can do the preliminary analysis, design, build, test, deploy, and maintain it from end to end. Furthermore, the Architect can design the underlying hardware systems and network infrastructure needed to support the software application. The designations form a hierarchy of technical expertise. Depending on your level of work experience, the addition of an MCSD will certainly qualify you to hold any of these positions.

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IT Technical Report Writer

Business intelligence and data transformation and analysis is big business right now. An MCSD will give you the tools you need to be able to gather, manipulate, dissect, and display an organization’s valuable data. Several powerful data tools are at your fingertips such as Microsoft’s latest reporting tool, Power BI, that will allow you to create reports containing data visualizations that will help an organization’s leaders make informed decisions.

SharePoint Administrator

Microsoft’s document repository and collaboration tool, SharePoint, is alive and well in most large organizations that run on the Microsoft platform. Being able to setup SharePoint sites and facilitate upgrades and document transitions is a very important skill and an MCSD will certainly give you the intellectual tools you will need to perform this specific duty.

IT Leadership, Director of Technology

If you already have the appropriate level of experience and the respect and sponsorship of your peers, an MCSD might be the final foothold you need to ascend to an IT leadership role. An MCSD proves that you can master the technical aspect of the job and that you are well versed in the application of Microsoft technology. If you have the appropriate leadership and management skills, an MCSD is a valuable tool in your kit that may just help you advance your career to the top.


At this point, hopefully, you are asking yourself what you need to do to start down the trail to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. The best thing you can do to prepare to pass the multiple exams for the certification is to get some valuable training and study materials. The best way to do that is to enlist the services of a reputable online training center such as ONLC. They provide classes that help you prepare for your exams for almost every Microsoft certification that is currently being offered. Why not contact them today to see how you can start the journey of advancing your career by obtaining an MCSD Certification?

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