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Nearly any time one can add an achievement or certification to their resume, it will help separate the applicant from the crowd. Certifications are a great way to demonstrate to current or prospective employers the skills needed to complete the job and a commitment to furthering one’s career. Certifications can help employees earn a salary increase, promotion, or a big bump in respect and stature. Let’s talk about other ways that certifications can benefit a career.

Stay Current

Among the most obvious advantages to receiving a certification is to prove competency on the latest technology. Tech moves fast and many certification exams are constantly updated to capture current technologies. Certification exams are much quicker to react to changes than formalized degree programs at higher education institutions.

Career Investment

A certification is an investment in both career and financial future. Certifications prove to employers and peers a commitment to career advancement and continuing education. It’s like wearing a medal or badge of honor that shines on a resume and proves an ability to do the job. Often, certification holders command higher salaries and are more likely to be considered for promotions and new opportunities. Many companies offer bonuses in the short term for achieving a certification.

Pick the Right Certification

If the time is right to earn a certification, make sure to choose one that is well known, respected, and highly prized in the field. One of the Microsoft Office or Certified Developer, Engineer, or Architect certifications would be considered a high achievement for those working mainly in the Microsoft world.

For those working with networks and hardware, then a Cisco certification might be a powerful shot to career health. For those who wish to demonstrate expertise in technology concepts, then a CompTIA certification would potentially be the correct choice.

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Ask Your Employer for Help

Most certifications are not easy to obtain. If they were, nearly everyone would have a certification and the significance would be lost. Certifications can also be quite expensive since many require the completion of several exams. Training materials can also be expensive, so it is a great advantage if one can convince their employer to help foot the bill.

When making a financial pitch to an employer, treat the situation much the same as when interviewing for the job. Work to convince them the knowledge gained from training will directly benefit the company. Additionally, some certifications provide discounts on software, licensing fees, and support bills if they have individuals on staff that are certified in their respective technology.

After deciding to pursue a certification, search for a reputable training company such as ONLC to help with training. Many company programs require the passage of exams before paying the fees. Be sure to pass the exam the first time! The best way to do so is to receive professional training on the current exam curriculum. Contact ONLC today to learn how we help students prepare to pass exams and move their career forward.

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