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Power Apps has helped 7.5 million developers create no-code and low-code apps for more than 2,100 (and still counting) businesses, generating over $2 billion worth of revenue. In fact, the platform is so easy to use that even those without any coding knowledge can use the tool to create apps. Understanding the intricacies of Power […]

Microsoft Power Apps’ core purpose is to streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance user app experiences. If you’re completely unfamiliar with the tool, you might want to check out our post on what Power Apps is and explore Microsoft Power Apps training offered by ONLC.   Core Power Apps Features Power Apps offers a robust […]

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of apps, connectors, and services that provides a development environment you can use to build custom apps for your business. It’s one of the most popular tools in the Microsoft 365 Suite–organizations can use Microsoft Power Apps to simplify tasks such as service requests, employee onboarding, inspections, and more.   […]

Microsoft SharePoint is a leading document management and collaborative software, and it is essential for businesses moving towards more remote and home-based models. The best way to understand how to set up SharePoint is to obtain Microsoft SharePoint training certification. If you want a basic overview of what that process looks like, keep reading.  What […]

The SharePoint solution is constantly evolving to fit the growing needs of the modern workforce. In 2022, Microsoft introduced many new solutions, such as video transcripts for Stream via SharePoint, Microsoft Syntex pay-as-you-go, and new SharePoint apps.  Heading into 2023, Microsoft announced it is working on further developing its cloud environment. The 2023 roadmap for […]

SharePoint Online security has always been a topic of hot debate, and since the Edward Snowden incident in 2013, SharePoint seems to have a permanent stain on its security reputation.  Is SharePoint Online truly a secure platform? How can users strengthen their SharePoint security? If you’re considering SharePoint training for beginners and have these questions […]

Microsoft SharePoint is an excellent document and file collaboration platform for growing businesses. However, Microsoft’s pricing plans do not clearly state how much storage you get when you purchase a subscription. If you’ve just obtained SharePoint training certification and are ready to use the platform, we’ll share the exact amount of SharePoint storage you get […]

If you own a company with multiple locations, ensuring that every employee has access to the critical documents they require can be difficult. Authorized employees can use Microsoft SharePoint to open, review, edit, and share documents from anywhere. Is SharePoint part of Office 365? Yes. SharePoint integrates with numerous Microsoft programs, including Word, Excel, and […]

Do you still organize, share, and change company files with a dated system? SharePoint can boost your team’s productivity.  Years ago, a shared file system accessible on your in-house server was the best way to manage and collaborate on documents. Today, online services like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint have made the process much easier and […]