If you have to write and present content in a professional manner quickly, Microsoft Word is probably your best bet. Much more than just a text editor, this robust program can edit PDF content, align tables and charts, edit and position images, accommodate videos, provide suggestions for alternate word choices, fix spelling errors, illuminate grammar mistakes… you get the idea!

MOS certification entails passing the Microsoft Word Specialist Exam administered through Certiport.  MOS certification exams are performance based and not just simple question and answer sessions.  Candidates are presented with a project such as a report, newsletter, resume or correspondence. During the exam, the candidate uses the Word application to build the desired document.

This video shows what the performance-based exam looks like and presents answers to some common questions on the format.

The MOS Word exam requires proficiency in these areas:

  1. Create and Manage Documents
  2. Format Text, Paragraphs and Sections
  3. Create Tables and Lists
  4. Apply References
  5. Insert and Format Objects

Taking a course is a great way to prepare to ace the exam.  You’ll also need to practice the range of skills that are tested to make sure that you are familiar with where to find functions on the ribbon and which options are available through the various settings and dialogs.

You’ll have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete the MOS Word Specialist exam so make sure that you are can perform each of the proficiencies listed in the objectives by taking a course at ONLC.

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