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Exploring the AWS Certification Levels ONLC Training Centers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certifications signify that individuals have demonstrated a specific level of competency when working with Amazon Web Services technology. There are four primary certifications that can be obtained; Developer, SysOps Administrator, DevOps Engineer and Solutions Architect. There are also two different levels of Solutions Architect certification. The first level is Associate, and the highest level is Professional. Let’s break down what you will learn while obtaining each AWS certification.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

After completing this certification, you should have a good understanding of core AWS services and the basic architecture best practices. You should also be able to:

  • Design, develop and deploy AWS cloud-based solutions.
  • Identify techniques needed to code a cloud solution
  • Implement the correct architecture for development and testing environments
  • Work with the various Amazon tools and services associated with databases, messaging, workflows and notifications
  • Pick the right AWS services for a given application-based on requirements
  • Write code for performance optimization of the AWS services utilized by an application

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

Upon completing this certification, you should be able to:

  • Deploy, manage and operate scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant AWS systems
  • Migrate on-premises systems to AWS
  • Implement and control AWS data flow
  • Properly select the AWS service that is best for security, data or computing requirements
  • Estimate AWS usage costs and identify cost controls

Having one or more years of experience working with AWS systems is required before becoming a candidate for this certification.

AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional

Completing this certification level should provide you with a commanding knowledge of AWS authentication, authorization and accounting. With this certification you will learn:

  • Fluency in the administration of advanced roles and group management
  • The intricacies of subnets and routing
  • Proficiency with advanced networking using IPSec, BGP, Jumbo Frames and Direct Connect
  • Development and advanced deployment techniques
  • To assess cloud risk, compliance and governance
  • Advanced use of cloud formation
  • Various tools provided by Amazon for monitoring, maintenance and deployment

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The associate level of the AWS Solutions Architect certification will prepare you to:

  • Formulate architectural best practices for AWS
  • Identify cost control measures and estimate AWS costs
  • Design data flow to and from AWS
  • Select the most appropriate AWS service based on security and data requirements and database design
  • Be fluent in the design and application of data security
  • Manage the lift and shift of an on-premises architecture to an AWS cloud-based architecture
  • Design and deploy highly available, secure, scalable and fault-tolerant AWS systems

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

The Professional Solutions Architect certification is the highest AWS certification. You should be able to perform all of the duties of the previous certifications as well as the ones listed below.

  • Identify costs and implement complete cost control strategies
  • Design and deploy enterprise level scalable AWS operations
  • Be able to formulate and carry out a strategy to migrate complex multi-tier applications to AWS
  • Select the correct AWS best practices to design and deploy applications based on the provided requirements
  • Design and implement the various networking features of AWS
  • Master the design and implementation of AWS connectivity
  • Design and deploy dynamically reliable, scalable, fault-tolerant, highly available and secure AWS applications

The best way to start down the path of your Amazon Web Services career is to get certified. The best way to begin your certification is with professional training provided by ONLC. You can even obtain your AWS Certified Associate Certifications with ONLC. We maintain more than 300 hundred advanced learning remote classrooms and an extensive selection online training courses to help you achieve new, and update your existing, certifications. Contact us today to discover how you can begin your journey towards prosperous future in AWS computing services.

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