With a Security+ certification, you demonstrate that you have the foundational skills necessary to perform core security tasks and are determined to have a successful career in the IT field. The certification is globally recognized and approved by the U.S. government, giving employers confidence that you have a robust understanding of security principles and frameworks.

Because it is also a requirement for certain jobs in the technology industry, many candidates seek Security Plus certification training from ONLC to help them prepare for the exam.

Once you’ve passed the Security+ exam, you’ll be able to pursue various jobs in the IT sector. Here are some of the most popular roles that require a Security+ certification:

Systems Administrator

System administrators manage and maintain computer networks, servers, software, hardware, and security measures. They may also assist in troubleshooting, configuring software and hardware, and providing technical support.

Security Specialist

Security specialists develop and implement security protocols to protect an organization’s data, systems, and networks. As a security specialist, you can also conduct security audits, vulnerability assessments, and security incident investigations.

Security Engineer

Security engineers design and develop secure networks and systems, as well as provide technical advice and support. They may also be responsible for developing and testing security measures, such as firewalls, and ensuring security measures are up-to-date.

Security Consultant

Security consultants are responsible for providing expert advice and guidance to organizations on matters related to cybersecurity. They may conduct risk analyses, recommend security solutions, and provide training on security protocols.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists prevent, detect, and respond to security threats. As a cybersecurity specialist, you may also conduct forensic investigations, maintain compliance with industry regulations, and provide security training to staff.

Network Administrator

Network administrators manage, maintain, and troubleshoot computer networks. They may also configure networking hardware and software, monitor network performance, and provide technical support.

Is Security+ a Good Certification?

Security+ is a highly regarded certification. It is widely recognized in the IT community due to its approval by the U.S. Department of Defense and other security-sensitive organizations.

The Security Plus certification benefits you can reap include having a proven foundational knowledge of security principles. This can be incredibly valuable for anyone in the IT industry or for those looking to break into the IT field. Having the Security+ certification can set you apart from other applicants when applying for jobs in the IT sector, as employers will be confident that you have the necessary expertise to handle security issues effectively.

Finally, Security+ can be an important stepping stone when climbing the corporate ladder, as many positions in the IT sector require a Security+ certification. Overall, having a Security+ certification can be beneficial for those looking to further their career in the IT industry.

How to Increase Your Pay

Consider earning additional certifications to boost your income at an IT job. This will give potential employers the confidence that you have the knowledge and expertise to handle security issues effectively. If you’re wondering how to maintain Security Plus certification, you’ll need to take a recertification exam every three years.

Here are other ways to increase your salary at an IT job:

Be Flexible

Being flexible with your hours, such as being available to work on weekends or evenings as needed, can demonstrate your commitment to the job and often results in a promotion with higher pay.

Network With Colleagues

Networking with other professionals in the IT field can help you find out about job openings, salary trends, and other important information.

Negotiate With Employers

When negotiating your salary, demonstrate your willingness to contribute and be an asset to the company. Additionally, provide tangible evidence of your expertise in order to strengthen your negotiating position.

Continue Training

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends, and developments in the IT field can help you stay ahead of the competition and demonstrate your commitment to your job.

In Summary

Having a Security+ certification is important for many IT jobs as it lets employers know that you have the skills and knowledge to handle security challenges. Some jobs requiring a Security+ certification include security specialist, security engineer, security consultant, cybersecurity specialist, and network administrator.

To increase your pay in these positions, consider additional certifications, be flexible with your hours, network with others in the IT field, negotiate confidently and intelligently, and continue training on the latest technologies. By taking all of these steps, you can be sure that you’ll stand out from the competition and are well compensated for your skills and expertise.

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