According to the International Data Corporation, over 95% of all Human Resources managers use IT certifications like CompTIA A+ to screen candidates and figure out who will be assets in their organization. The survey also revealed that CompTIA-certified professionals are typically considered more reliable than non-certified candidates.


Therefore, taking an A+ certification course and getting CompTIA A+ certified can be a game changer for your career.


What Is a CompTIA A+ Certification?


CompTIA A+ certification is a type of certification IT professionals can earn to show they have the knowledge and skills required to work in an entry-level position in the IT industry. This certification verifies skills needed to perform specific tasks, such as installing and configuring computer systems, upgrading hardware, troubleshooting mobile devices and operating systems, ensuring security, and repairing computers.


If you’re just starting and want to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers, the CompTIA A+ certification is for you. However, it’s also beneficial if you’re looking to switch to a career in IT and want the foundational knowledge required to be successful.


Seven Jobs You Can Get with CompTIA A+ Certification


The CompTIA A+ certification qualifies candidates for entry-level technical support and servicing positions. Let’s take a look at seven jobs that look for candidates with A+ certification:


Installation Technician


Average Salary: $47,908


As an installation technician, you are responsible for setting up and configuring your company’s products for customers or other organizations. For example, you might have to install hardware components, configure software settings, and ensure systems run smoothly.


You’re usually employed by companies that sell computer systems, networking equipment, software, home security systems, audio-visual equipment, and industrial machinery. Government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities are also potential employers.


Help Desk Analyst


Average Salary: $48,768


A help desk analyst is the first line of support for customers experiencing technical difficulties with their computer systems. You are responsible for troubleshooting issues and providing solutions to these customers over the phone, via internet chat, and/or through email.


As a help desk analyst, you often work at technology companies, internet service providers, software development firms, and telecommunication companies. Third-party help desk services could also employ you.


IT Support Specialist


Average Salary: $49,746


You provide technical support to a company’s customers as an IT support specialist. That means installing software, configuring operating systems, ensuring software works optimally, and caring for peripheries, such as scanners and printers.


You might also have to set up new user accounts, troubleshoot software and hardware issues, and manage system updates to ensure everything is current.


Server Support Technician


Average Salary: $47,568


When working as a server support technician, you must manage and maintain Windows and Linux server systems.


Your duties might include configuring network settings to ensure everything is working smoothly, installing software updates, and running routine scans to ensure the security of the servers. You might also have to troubleshoot issues with your company’s servers.


Field Service Technician


Average Salary: $43,030


As a field service technician, you are responsible for traveling to different locations to provide on-site technical support for computer systems and networks.


You also help clients set up new equipment, troubleshoot issues with software and hardware, provide training, answer any questions related to your company’s products, and ensure that each client’s system runs according to their policies.


Technical Support Specialist


Average Salary: $50,100


In this role, you provide technical assistance to customers experiencing issues with their computer systems or software. In addition, you answer any questions presented by your company’s clients over internet chat, phone, or email.


You might also have to teach customers or employees how to use new software or hardware and manage support tickets.


Cybersecurity Specialist


Average Salary: $83,113


As a cybersecurity specialist, you ensure your company’s computer systems and networks are secure, perform vulnerability assessments, monitor network traffic, and implement security protocols to protect against cyber threats.


While this is the highest-paid job on this list, with an average annual income of approximately $80,000, cybersecurity specialists often need more training and education than just a CompTIA A+ certification to perform their duties well.


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For more information, check out our posts on how hard the A+ exam is and how to pass CompTIA A+. You can also contact ONLC to learn more about the training programs offered to prepare for this exam and a promising career in IT!

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