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SharePoint is an excellent program for managing and sharing files with others. Yet, SharePoint might be difficult for untrained individuals. Thankfully, SharePoint can be accessed without leaving the comfort of Microsoft Outlook. 

SharePoint can be incorporated into Outlook using the ‘Connect to Outlook” feature. This feature provides Outlook with all the functions in SharePoint. Businesses can familiarize employees with these features by investing in SharePoint training courses to understand what these software products offer.

SharePoint Versus Outlook Versus OneDrive

Most employees are familiar with Outlook, and may confuse SharePoint with Outlook. Let’s explore what each program offers.


Outlook is an email client from Microsoft that is widely used to manage emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs and can be used as a desktop web app through Office 365. Outlook can manage email and personal information in customizable ways.


Microsoft SharePoint is a feature-rich collaboration and content management application. It acts as a central hub for companies to store, organize, and share information. SharePoint is flexible and can be used for document management, project management, intranet portals, and automating business processes.

SharePoint is also used by businesses to develop websites. In Microsoft 365, you can create a site from the SharePoint start page. Employees can access their SharePoint team site when you make a Microsoft 365 group in Outlook Online or Microsoft 365.

You can construct a team or a variety of sites in SharePoint Server. The sites can securely store, organize, and access information from any device.


What is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive? SharePoint is similar to OneDrive, but OneDrive is primarily designed for individual users to store their files and documents in the cloud. OneDrive offers features like automatic backup, easy sharing, and collaboration capabilities.

Steps to Access SharePoint from Outlook:

  1. Go to the ‘Home’ tab in Outlook.
  2. Choose the App Launcher button at the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Choose ‘SharePoint Folder’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the URL of the SharePoint site that you want to visit in the ‘New SharePoint Folder’ dialog box.
  5. Choose the desired feature, such as documents, contacts, or calendars.
  6. Click the ‘OK’ button to create the SharePoint folder.

The SharePoint folder is now included in Outlook’s ‘Folders’ section. SharePoint material is accessible and manageable directly from Outlook. You can also easily change the name of a SharePoint site.

Advantages of Accessing SharePoint from Outlook

Increased Productivity

You can save time by not switching between numerous applications when you access SharePoint directly from Outlook. 

Centralized Storage

SharePoint serves as a central repository for all your organization’s files and information, making it simple to locate what you need. You can quickly find and access them without browsing multiple folders and libraries.

Improved Collaboration

SharePoint enables several users to work on the same documents or projects simultaneously. Simply share files to collaborate on projects with colleagues or individuals who do not use SharePoint directly.

SharePoint includes several communication tools like discussion boards, blogs, and wikis. You can communicate and collaborate with coworkers quickly and efficiently. This reduces the effort required to manage information and centralize data for increased productivity.

Mobile Access

Many firms provide mobile Outlook access, which means you can access SharePoint materials from your cellular device. You can stay productive and connected while on the go.

Offline Access 

When you link a SharePoint list or library to Outlook, you can work on content even when not connected to the internet. This is ideal for work on the go.


You can customize how SharePoint content appears in Outlook. You can select which columns to display, and organize items according to your preference.

Invest in Training

When everyone on your team is proficient in Microsoft Office, they work more efficiently and generate more value for your business. ONLC is a business-to-business training provider. We are a Gold Microsoft Partner, meeting Microsoft’s highest standards for delivering technical training courses. With our courses, your business can achieve new heights in productivity.

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