As the information technology (IT) industry advances, employers have become quite picky about the professionals they employ to handle their cutting-edge computer networks. They want IT specialists with a high level of competence and experience. So, if you’re looking to grow your career as an IT expert, you need to acquire all the necessary skills and have the important certifications to stand out from your counterparts in the industry.

This is why the A+ certification issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has become so popular among IT specialists. What is CompTIA A+ certification? How do you acquire it, and how long does it last?

What Is CompTIA A+ Certification?

As noted above, CompTIA A+ certification is an internationally recognized certificate issued by CompTIA to IT experts as a mark of professionalism, competence, and experience. Although this certificate isn’t mandatory when you’re seeking employment in the IT industry, it separates professionals from amateurs.

To obtain the CompTIA A+ certification, you have to undergo extensive training by a reputable IT training company. Although you can train yourself, it’s advisable to undergo classroom-based CompTIA A+ certification training because you’ll have an opportunity to train with highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who know what you need to pass your CompTIA A+ exam.

This exam can be quite difficult if you’re not fully prepared. However, when you enroll in an IT training center, you’re provided with all the relevant training materials and professional support you need to prepare for the exam quickly.

But how long does an online A+ certification course take? The time you take to complete your CompTIA A+ course depends on many factors, including the training method you choose, your preferred training center and instructors, the kind of training materials you use, and your overall proficiency with basic IT concepts. Ordinarily, the entire CompTIA A+ certification course takes five to six months.

Does CompTIA A+ Certification Expire?

The CompTIA A+ certification expires three years after you acquire it. You can renew it through CompTIA’s continuous training programs and even advance to higher levels of certification. Remember that CompTIA A+ certification is for entry-level positions in the IT sector.

Your renewed CompTIA A+ certification will be valid for another three years. If you fail to renew your certification after three years, it will be considered expired. Once your CompTIA A+ certificate has expired, you can only get it back by passing the CompTIA A+ exam again.

There are two main reasons why the CompTIA A+ certification expires: the adoption phase of new technology and the ISO/ANSI accreditation status. The adoption cycle of new technology is based on the belief that there’s constant change in the IT industry, with new technologies coming up almost daily.

So, as an IT specialist, you’re expected to stay ahead of the curve by continuously advancing your skills. In addition, CompTIA believes that significant changes in the IT industry usually occur after every three years. So, the association constantly updates its exams to match the changing situation.

The ISO/ANSI accreditation status requires CompTIA to formulate new exam questions periodically to ensure the experts they accredit have the necessary skills and knowledge. CompTIA is obligated to adhere to the highest quality standards as an internationally recognized accreditation association.

For instance, the association works continuously to ensure that it meets the U.S. Department of Defense standards. That’s why its certificates are trustworthy and globally recognized. As a result, your current and future employers will have confidence in you if you provide them with a valid CompTIA A+ certificate.

There are three ways of renewing your CompTIA A+ certification: training, additional certifications, and continuous education (CE) activities. The Certmaster CE A+ training course lets you renew your A+ certification online without taking the certification exam.

If you earn a higher CompTIA certification, your A+ certificate is automatically renewed. CE activities allow you to complete multiple activities that help you to qualify for a new certificate. Lastly, if you want to acquire your CompTIA A+ fast, train with ONLC–the leading global IT training company. 

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