InDesign is a popular tool used by creatives around the globe for generating and editing content such as brochures, newspapers, presentations, and e-books. It is compatible with other Adobe tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, which makes using it even more useful.


However, because InDesign is meant for professional use, it can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Read on to find out how long it takes to master the tool; if you want to master InDesign to make money, you may want to enroll yourself in a professional training program from ONLC and get an InDesign certification.

The Process of Learning InDesign

New users can grasp the basics of the program in a matter of a few days. However, learning all of the features of InDesign in a professional capacity can take months or even years. InDesign is a tool that offers opportunities for never-ending growth. 


Here are three factors that play a pivotal role in determining how long it will take you to learn the program:

Type of Use

The time it will take to acquire the necessary level of skill will differ depending on whether you want to learn InDesign for personal or professional use. This means that students who want to make only light use of the program for academic projects can learn the basic features of InDesign in less than a week. 

Complementary Skills

As mentioned earlier, InDesign works hand in hand with other Adobe tools. Those who are already proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator tend to need less time and training to get used to InDesign compared to those who are not familiar with Adobe products. 

Resources and Training Available 

It is far easier to master InDesign if you have access to the right kind of guidance. Navigating your way around the software on your own will consume a significant amount of time. However, if you are clever and use available resources such as video tutorials or professional training classes, your learning curve will be smaller. 

Ways to Learn InDesign

There are a multitude of resources you can use to learn InDesign. These include:

Training Courses

Learning InDesign under the supervision of a skilled instructor from ONLC Training Centers via an online class or in an in-person classroom is often the best way to learn the program. This route offers a level of personal attention that can significantly ramp up your skills. 

Instructional Books

Instructional manuals and third-party books are additional resources that can enhance your mastery of InDesign. Another advantage is that you can peruse a book even when a computer is not available. 


A few well-known resources are Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book and GREP in InDesign: An InDesign Secrets Guide

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are convenient because you can pause, rewind, and skip to particular concepts. They can help learners fully immerse themselves in InDesign at their own pace and convenience. You’ll find plenty of helpful content on YouTube and on Adobe’s official website. 

Why Learn InDesign?

InDesign has a lot to offer. Understanding what Adobe InDesign is used for and what you can do with the program can serve as a motivating factor to learn more about it. Here’s how learning InDesign is beneficial:

Launch Your Creative Career

InDesign is a necessary tool for those looking to turn their passion for design into a career. Anyone interested in entering the creative field (e.g., publishing or marketing) will have a competitive edge if they have an InDesign certification.  

Produce High-Quality Content

Any designer will tell you that projects created with InDesign are top quality. The tool’s editing features allow for text and visual adjustments with .001-degree precision, as well as the ability to alter the typeface, colors, and design of any page. 

Leverage Support Resources

You have access to a wealth of support options as a user of Adobe InDesign. This provides you the comfort of a collaborative online community where you may ask questions, discover answers, gain expertise from professionals, and share your knowledge. 

Final Thoughts

Adobe InDesign is an important program to learn in today’s technologically progressive world. It comes with a great degree of creative freedom and a flexible user interface. If you’re someone with an interest in the design field, it is a good idea to invest some time and money into mastering InDesign–ONLC is ready to help!

About The Author

Dave is an applications trainer and has been working for ONLC Training Centers since 2006. He is technically proficient in all Microsoft Office applications, Adobe products, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web design and development technologies. Dave has created countless web sites, written systems and created macros for businesses. He is also a professional photographer and brings that keen eye to all design courses.

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