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Work is looking a little different these days. Not just in the manner we do it or the environment we do it in, but in the resources and support needed to truly thrive professionally. It’s no longer sufficient to excel in one area — you need to be skilled in a few things. 

And contrary to long-held beliefs, you don’t have to be in the office to learn the skills needed to stand out from fellow employees and job seekers. In fact, the training needed to flourish as an entry-level or remote web developer, graphic designer, or general entrepreneur can be attained with a few select Adobe lessons:

Web Development

With most businesses either already online or preparing to move there, having a website that is operational and engaging is essential. A capable web developer has the knowledge and tools at their disposal to build such a page with these tools: 

Adobe Muse: Most fresh web developers look into coding classes to garner the basics of site-building and development. Muse teaches students the art of constructing HTML5 sites without the involvement of code. New users can learn how to set up a new website, add navigation features, and incorporate a site map, all necessary foundation blocks that web developers need at their base. 

After Effects: This tool enables users to learn the basics of building motion graphics and visual effects, or sharpen the skills they have already. After Effects provides helpful instruction to beginner and experienced web developers wanting to bring a fleshed-out set of visual crafting skills to the table with lessons on building graphical composition, repairing video, layering, and creating animation.

Dreamweaver: Websites need to be optimized for mobile; otherwise, they have limited accessibility or appeal to visitors. Dreamweaver provides the tools and instructions for Adobe lesson takers to build sites for any browser or device. Courses go into depth about the distinct requirements for mobile and browser-specific optimization to empower students to develop a litany of different types of sites.


Graphic Design

Impactful and memorable design is like potpourri — it combines smatterings of different elements to yield the end result. Each of the ensuing Adobe lessons teach graphic designers something that contributes to their overall skill sets:

InDesign: This catch-all software enables users to learn about beginner-level design elements, essentials of page layout, and participate in mock projects to better hone the skills they’ve learned thus far. InDesign contains the pillars every designer needs to complete any task.

Illustrator: This art course helps — for lack of a better term — shape the images seen on your InDesign pages. With Illustrator, learn how to build, contort, color, and refine the shapes and logos that populate your designs. Like InDesign, Illustrator contains tutorials and projects to help apply the lessons you learn and be on your way.

SpeedGrade: Liven up the images you’ve drawn with the kinds of color gradient they need to pop with this helpful tool. Whether it’s an illustration or video, SpeedGrade tutorials teach the finer points of color grade to bring balance to any image.


Are you looking to set out on your own and start a business where you’re the boss? You’ll want to present your product in the best light possible, something these Adobe lessons can help you do:

Photoshop: Touch up the images of the products and services you provide with an assortment of Photoshop tutorials. Learn to adjust, edit, layer, and compose photos to give potential customers a solid first impression of your product. 

Lightroom Classic: This collection of tutorials enables users to take a more granular approach to the adjustment and organization of their photos. Lightroom Classic provides lessons on cropping, editing, and lighting, so whatever product — or products — you are on display tell the intended story.

Premiere Pro: Give your business the video treatment by learning to create crisp, clean clips with Premiere Pro. This collection of courses also contains audio mixing tutorials, allowing your videos to provide clear and educational soundtracks to further engage viewers.

With work looking different, it’s no wonder that the professional development needed to keep pace with those changes. Whether you’re working on or off-campus in the above roles or some other arenas, this collection of Adobe lessons can keep skills sharp.

This set of classes are just a few of the online selections available that can provide a professional leg up. Look into these other Adobe lessons to see which ones best fit you.

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