How long you take to learn Python depends on several factors, including your objectives, where you start, and the mode of training you choose. So, the simple answer to this question is: it depends.

As an employer, you can enhance the skills of your workforce by taking them through Python online instructor-led training. You just need to find the right trainer and come up with a practical training program that doesn’t disrupt your daily operations.

You must also have an idea of how to learn Python and how long it’s likely to take so that you can create a training schedule that works for everyone and gives your workforce the needed Python skills within the shortest time possible.

Factors That Determine How Long You Take to Learn Python

Is Python hard to learn? No–Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Here are the factors that determine how long your Python training process will take.

Your Reasons for Learning Python

Python is a fairly broad programming language that can be applied in many industries. So, there are many reasons why people learn Python. This is why you have to understand your motivation for learning the language to determine the amount of time you need to master it.

Note that Python isn’t an ordinary coding language that you just learn to improve your overall coding skills; it’s a programming tool that you use to address specific programming problems. Therefore, you learn it in the context of the coding problems you wish to address and the career path you want to pursue. For instance, you can learn Python as a marketer who desires to stay one step ahead of their competition.

As a marketer with basic knowledge of Python syntax, you can explore Google Analytics information more effectively. This gives you a significant edge over other marketers because it means you’re more than just a marketer. Although it doesn’t make you a qualified data analyst or programmer, your knowledge of Python and pandas techniques will help you to figure out complex data easily and apply it in your marketing endeavors.

You can also learn Python if you want to enhance your competence as a data scientist. In this context, your Python training might take several months because you have to master all important aspects of the coding language. For instance, you have to master dozens of libraries, index values, data types, lists, etc.

Other common career paths that might require you to learn Python include machine learning, robotics, app and software development, scripting, automation, web development, data analysis, and data visualization. Each of these fields requires specific Python skills that determine how long you take to train. 

For instance, a marketer only needs to master the basics of Python–this will take about three months to learn. But if you want to be a data scientist or software developer, your training will take longer as you’ll need to master every aspect of Python.

Your Preferred Method of Learning Python

There are various ways to learn Python, including instructor-led training, joining a Python community, joining a Python training boot camp, watching online Python tutorials, and enrolling in a Python training program at a local college, among others. If you want to learn Python in the shortest time possible, opt for the instructor-led training program because it allows you to create a personalized training schedule that allows you to gain the necessary Python skills within a short while.

The instructor will also give you the right training resources that’ll help you to master your desired skills easily and quickly–this way, your training will take three to five months. But with other training methods like boot camps and online tutorials, your training is likely to take longer than six months because you have to learn complex aspects of Python by yourself.

Time You Devote to Learning Python

The amount of time you dedicate to learning Python will determine how long the entire process will take. If you’re an employee looking to advance your coding skills by learning Python, you have to figure out a way to train while continuing with your daily tasks.

The good thing is that you can find a training firm that will personalize your training program to suit your needs. For instance, when you choose the instructor-led Python training program offered by ONLC, you’ll get a dedicated instructor who’ll be available to train you at your convenient time and pace.

In Summary

Learning the fundamentals of Python can be easy, depending on the above-mentioned factors. Generally, the training process takes approximately six months. Of course, if you have ample time to dedicate to your training, this period could be much shorter. Talk to ONLC today for a comprehensive guide to learning Python quickly!

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